All sold

ISK sent, waiting for transfer

ISK received and transfer initiated

Confirming that I am for sale

Another character added, post updated

13b for dark star rider

Are you expecting injectors to crash?

Nah there’s just allot I would have to extract for what I want

Those two things aren’t related, but if anyone manages to not just lowball but make a ridiculous offer it had to be you. Do you want me to just send you 10b? That would be cheaper :wink:

42b offer for hvic225




still training

hvick225 45B

We can meet at 48

Isk sent and account info. Please read ingame mail.

Character recieved. Thanks

One char left :slight_smile:

Offering 30b for this pilot.

I also can give you a buyout offer. Since you said “I kind of wanted to aim for 800m/1mSP” I can give fair buyout on 35,5b (which fits in your 800m/1mSP rule). Sadly cannot offer more, because my current wallet is at 40,5b and I need 5b to buy a fax after buying this char. Let me know as soon as you can what do you think.