All sorts of problems resulting in me losing gecko

I should have known better than to play this sellout of a game prior to any sort of event.

Drone speed is nerfed now, game freezes, massive lag…

I have done the same lvl 4 NPC/PVE security mission at least a hundred times, but TODAY, the Sansha’s frigates are all of a sudden able to web my Gecko to the point where it won’t move at all. I recall it from 22km away because the shields are almost down, like I have done a thousand times before, and it just stops in place.

Because of that, the enemy ships were able to wipe it out in seconds. I couldn’t get it to move, nor could I get to it in time. It can do over 2100, but despite it’s description, now even if it gets webbed by only one frigate, it’s speed drops to zero??

How do I say “You owe me a Gecko” in Korean?

Is it? Must have missed it on the patch notes. Would you happen to know if it was a % speed nerf or just a flat movement speed nerf?

It’s “Go buy another one in Jita and stop crying”.


Okay, if your drone actually stopped moving and wouldn’t respond to commands, that would be an issue. However, I really doubt that’s what happened. Odds are, it simply got aggroed by multiple webbing frigs, which brought it’s speed to a crawl -which is to be expected. Multiple webs will reduce drone speed enough to make it effectively impossible to recall it, and it will help larger ships apply quite well to the drone.

However, based on some of the things you said and your attitude, I’m willing to bet that everything was working as intended. And now you’re here complaining because you were flying something you couldn’t afford to lose, lost it, and didn’t understand why.

You should think of drones like Faction or T2 crystals. You’ll be able to use them for a while, but eventually you will need to replace them. And if you aren’t prepared to do that, you should stick to cheaper drones.

But, I’m kind of short on patience with complainers right now. So it’s possible that I’m just being a judgemental prick. So, if you truly believe that your drone died due to a bug, you should file a bug report, report it in known issues for the patch, and maybe even file a support ticket asking for a replacement.


As an aside, there has been a long term, but fairly rare reported bug where NPCs become hyper aggressive toward drones to such a point that any use of drones is near impossible. According to anecdotal reports, this bug can be cleared from your ship ( it appears ship specific) by going to a safe spot, leave ship, return to ship, and reload drones. While I cannot personaly vouch for either the bug or cure, a forum search should locate the proper threads to explore.
Good Luck!

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