All those new "targets in space"

I don’t know about that. That might be a @Gix_Firebrand thing. My guess is, is that [Redacted] is most likely just another alt of this Scott fella who was probably a troll anti-pvp forum poster from some time in the past that Gix interacted with, who was probably another alt of another forum avatar with the exact same MO from even earlier on.

It’s all the same person with the same MO pretending that whatever they are doing is both clever, and productive. But as we know, it’s not.

On an interesting note, my corpmates are seeing a lot more action in the forward systems in low. So I’m hopeful that FW is less risk adverse and not as friendly to the LP farmers. But we will see.

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They can be activated away from buildings and wh only, and that actually saved me a couple times already. You can’t activate them near buildings. It can throw you out to nullsec, but you have to come back into the core worlds, wether through Low or trig space. so it’s very fair imho.

Topography disagrees with your assessment, just because Hek is a Trade system doesn’t automatically make it a safe system to run Abyssals. Fact is there’s plenty of other 0.5 systems next to or near Hek that would be much safer…

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Please learn the subject matter and try again.

Is there a market for the spoils of the Abyssal?

HaHaHaHa…you wish you were that scary.
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Grampy Kells is actually Rroff, who left the fourms some time ago after being wtfpwned by myself and Aiko.

He did so badly his name turned into a slang term for doing badly in EVE, by saying someone rroffed.

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Eve’s edition of mythic plus, I left WC as M+ became
essential to gear for raiding. A positive is you can do these solo and don’t need to queue for a toxic group…

Then they won’t run them. CCP have already seen that punishing players for doing PvE doesn’t make them take more risks, it just makes them stop doing it. That’s why they are reversing the changes to nullsec bounties and actually giving them a buff.

Not me. I only post with this guy.

Nice story bro. Shame it’s not true eh? I get it though, if you can pretend that everyone who opposes ganking is an alt of mine then you don’t have to form decent counterpoints. CCP knows the reality though.

Not sure where that one came from, but I’ve been accused of running just about every account on here that says anything negative about ganking. Maybe one of those characters is run by someone called Scott.

More lies, I have no iea who Rroff is. I’m glad you’re openly admitting that you deliberately harass people on the forum with the intent of making them leave though.


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I agree…they were never a good idea for this game.

My guy, you already gave yourself away :smiley:

And Rroff rroffed himself as you well know :smiley:

And I didn’t. You’re still here :smiley:

Simply bring back suspect tag for abyss. Problem solved :smiley:


Abyss filaments are fun and I like them. I figure thats good enough reason to leave them alone.

Would you like to tell the studio audience what it is you find fun about them?

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you can do it one jump from amarr