Alliance Tournament XV Prize SKINs

Hey capsuleers

Today I will be distributing the prize SKINs for teams in Alliance Tournament XV. However, there is something teams should be aware of.

SKINs are being distributed to the executor characters of your alliance. You’ll find them in the station that you specified when signing your team up (unless you mailed me to change it. If this is an issue, drop me a line.

As the Daredevil hull is an Angel hull, we have had to create two different SKINs for this year’s prize. Each team will receive 10 of the Daredevil SKINs and the Serpentis SKINs for each match they won.

Any questions, just let me know!

EDIT: Seems I haven’t been able to get them all out today. If you team only won 1 or 2 matches, you might be getting your SKINs tomorrow.

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Thanks for getting these out, but why are they not going out through the standard redeeming system?

Seems like it would save you some work.

Surprisingly not in this case.

All the of the SKINs have now been distributed to executors now. Let me know if you have any questions!

Question! When the Rattlesnake Victory Edition Blueprint owners will receive the Guristas Victory SKIN (Permanent). Will be done automatically or we need to write a petition?

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