Alliance Tournament XVII - An Update!

What plans? You literally said nothing but no fanfest, and no at tournament. Also WHERE THE ■■■■ ARE ANGEL CAPS.

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Thats because you (ccp) have made a mockery of what the alliance tourney used to be. Move away from some of the retarded rules, and even more so, the bracket system. Go back to how it was orignally and I bet the numbers would have been back up.
Who in their right mind bothers to sit and watch the alliance tourney for 3 straight weekends, with endless talking between the fights…


Both viewership and participation have fallen substantially in the last few years, so it made sense to have a hiatus and look at what we can do to come back fresh.

Add an in-game betting system for the AT. Viewership will skyrocket. Its been falling because you took away the best bits of it. left it a shell of its former self and now wonder why its dying.

Whilst I appreciate the reponse and sentiment that ccp would rather support community events. It would have made sense to contact said communities and had something planned in advance to the cancelation.

At the moment it just sounds like CCP cant be arsed and would prefer the playerbase did it instead.

CCPlease. Stop this insane self destruction thing you have going on. Bring back the EVE we all love.

Lots to consider, we just need to take time to look at the options for what we can do.

Could you not have done that prior to this announcement?


so you’re cancelling one of the few things you can actually manage to consistently produce, and produce well?

this bodes well.


Jesus. You guys managed to make me unsubscribe my nine accounts with the horrendous way you’ve treated the setting and the development of it, Rorquals/Supers Online and so on, and now you’re removing the final bits of Eve that had any merit? Are you guys actively trying to kill your damn game?

I’m genuinely perplexed. You have to realize your hamfisted focus on short-term gains and abandonment of long-term Eve development and tradition will erode that core of players that keeps the game alive in the first place. Doesn’t matter how many newblings you guys can attract if you don’t maintain that core of turbonerds and sociopaths that does the actual maintenance and provides the actual gameplay of Eve, you know. Everything, everything, in Eve stems from that one singular core mechanic: Ships lost are actual losses, and PvP is the main cause of that. That is the primary effect that everything else cascades from. Resource gathering, industry, territory control, trade, wars, ganking, even missioning and so on. Literally all of it loses meaning the moment you don’t have that Core Driver in place. It loses purpose.

Every step you take that hurts this PvP Core hurts everything else in the entire game, up to and including the beariest of the bears.

Fuckin’ with the Alliance Tournament is the worst mistake you guys could have done this year, and the fact that you guys cite low viewership as the reason shows how you’ve completely lost sight of the fact that the only reason Eve even exists at this point is the Core Playerbase that you’re now shitting on for no good reason. Without them, you don’t have the mass to maintain gravity, and you’ll see the entire game waft away in puffs of ‘meh’.

Stop screwing around with what we once came to love, damn it.


Just wait for it… In a move to better support our player base… CCP introduces the 2020 Spod Bot mining championships… Finally something goons can win.


What a big ■■■■ you to the community.


You can actually do both. Host another AT and think about how to make it better for next year.

This is turning into such a common excuse at CCP, “we need to think about it some more”. Sorry can’t do that right now because we want to think about it a lot and really get it right. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but from where I’m sitting the only logical reason for this is a lack of capacity. Feels like the whole game has been fobbed off while the company focuses on other things.

There’s zero passion coming across from the development team, zero interest in the game beyond selling injectors and SKINs. Which is a shame, because I’m sure there are many people there who do care, I’m just not seeing it from here.


The viewership and participation fell last year becase of the extreme latness of the annoucments and the pure and simple lack of comunication from yourselves over the prizes. You must take us for fools if you want us to belive the At is ever comming back.


You’re very good at typing a lot and saying nothing :slight_smile:


I am almost suprised AT made it that long.

Let me guess, more gambling mechanics, loot boxes, and instanced gameplay for EvE?


This is one of the most disappointing (and unwise) moves I’ve seen from CCP… Alienating the part of the player base that literally creates the content they advertise with, and removing a once-per-year tournament that they mostly outsourced to players last year is a bad idea with a terrible excuse on so many levels…

And golly, we’re not even halfway through February.

Looks 2019 is going to be a hell of a bumpy ride (for anyone who doesn’t say “screw it” and ejecto-seato out of their subs).


I’ve never felt the need to post in these forums before. I’ve always kept quiet and been relatively happy.

Literally, this is your worse decision since injector monetization. But while that one made sense from a company fiscal standpoint, this does not.

This is another kick in The balls to anyone who enjoys pvp and to the many of us that have always dreamt of getting on an AT team.

I know I don’t count with my 4 pvp accounts vs the mining dude who has 15. But I’ve always paid for my sub.

This AT cancellation is just icing on the cake. with the significant lack of balance patches, progressively worse iterations of events and refusal to address Real in game concerns, I think it is time to unsub at least partly.

Will I quit today? No. But I’m removing 2 of my accounts immediately.

Your acquisition is affecting your decisions.


I’m pretty sad now. I can’t say AT was the thing for me, but it was still really enjoyable. I do hope it really is just for this year and next year it’ll be back.

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Alot of my corpmates and I are sticking to Sea of thieves right now and Apex. Motivation for some has been lost due to burn out or lack of interest in the events, etc…

I already turn off the auto-renew on my accounts anyway, but there are less and less movitvating factors to keep me engaged. That and some changes that have been introduced to remove control from players experience (Advanced sound changes are still one I’m hoping we’ll eventually see come back to some normality) and remove the ability for control over content creations cough Advanced Camera cough


Well im glad we found out now, cause a lot of players in the alliance was gonna start up new accounts for isk making just to fund the alliance tourney,
Thank god i dont need to do that now then at least

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Can we still buy the AT skins tho? Thats all what these complaining people want !!

Do you think that Falcon posting here once counts as “discussion”? We’re all left here with a sea of (valid) complaints and concerns… Thank god you opened this up for discussion with us.