Alliance Tournament XVII Starts Tomorrow!

• Why is CCP offering NFTs for the 2021 Alliance Tournament?
o The Alliance Tournament is a big deal in the EVE Community – and rightfully so. The peak of competition, the hardest of battles, and the grandest of prizes. To help celebrate the action, we added quite a few new elements for spectators in the form of digital and physical prizes. To help commemorate the action for the participants, we partnered with Tezos to make sure every player that scores a final blow gets an NFT to remember the event.

• Are the NFTs free?
o Yes, the NFTs are free of charge and are available to players who earn them during the AT.

• Who gets the NFTs?
o The character with the final blow of any kill in the AT will receive an NFT to memorize the kill.

• What is CCP doing to negate the environmental impact of the blockchain?
o We are keenly aware of the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, and for this reason we opted to partner with Tezos for this project. Tezos’s Proof of Stake, the mechanism by which blockchain transactions are validated, is an extremely energy efficient approach; using two million times less energy than other similar Proof of Work networks. In regards to the power consumption of the AT NFTs, with an estimated power draw of only 200mWh per token and a maximum of 4000 NFTs being minted, the total consumption of the entire production process will equal less than it takes to run a mid-tier gaming PC for 3 hours – less than a single viewer watching only a tenth of the Alliance Tournament would be using.

• Is CCP aware of the controversies and other issues surrounding NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain?
o We understand that our players may have some concerns surrounding the blockchain, NFTs, and crypto. We partnered with Tezos because we believe in their mission to build a blockchain that minimizes the environmental impacts while pushing the technology forward. CCP is not forcing our players to claim rewards, what they do with the NFTs is up to them. Our mission has always been to open up new possibilities using innovative technologies, just like we did with EVE Online’s single-shard online universe, and we believe the blockchain has a lot of untapped potential to do good in a digital world.

• What if I don’t care for NFTs? Are there other in-game prizes for the 2021 Alliance Tournament?
o The top 16 teams will receive the Special Edition Mordu’s Legion ships: Raiju and Laeplas, as well as special Alliance Tournament SKINs.

• What can winners do with the NFTs? Can they be traded or sold?
o Once awarded, winners are free to do as they wish with the NFTs. CCP retains no control over what players wish to do with their assets.

• Can I buy the NFTs?
o If the players that earn the NFTs as prizes decide to sell them, they will be available on, the largest NFT marketplace on the Tezos blockhain. The price for each NFT is decided by the players who earn it themselves. For any second-hand transaction CCP will receive a 10% royalty.

How is Tezos involved with the Alliance Tournament and EVE Online?
o Tezos is the blockchain provider powering the Alliance Tournament NFTs. They have no further involvement beyond storing a player’s NFTs, where they will be preserved as long as the blockchain exists.

• Who is Tezos?
o Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. By design, Tezos embraces long-term upgradability, open participation, collaboration, and smart contract safety. To learn more about Tezos, you can head over to their website here:

• Will the Alliance Tournament NFTs have other uses?
o No, the Alliance Tournament NFTs will not have other uses. Think of them as trophies for destroying a ship during the tournament. They will not have any impact on gameplay.

• What if I don’t want CCP or Tezos to store my NFT? Can I have it deleted?
o Players who do not want to keep their NFTs can transfer it to a burn address, which would make it unowned forever. Unclaimed and unowned NFTs are stored on the blockchain, but remain inaccessible and will not use additional energy.

• What happens if an NFT remains unclaimed? Will it live on the Tezos blockchain forever?
o We will store unclaimed NFTs on the Tezos blockchain 6 months after the Alliance Tournament ends. Players will have until that window to claim ownership of their NFT. Once the 6 month period has passed, any unclaimed NFTs will be transferred to a burn account and will not be accessible by anyone.

• Where are the NFTs stored and how can I claim them?
o Awarded NFTs are stored on the Tezos blockchain and will be preserved as long as the blockchain exists. Players can be claim awarded NFTs via the EVE Online login page

• What format are the NFTs in?
o FA2 token + PNG image

• Which blockchain is CCP using to power its NFTs?
o CCP has partnered with Tezos for the 2021 Alliance Tournament. We chose Tezos because of their reputation for being a valid, and trustworthy, blockchain developer. Their network is both secure and -crucially - energy efficient, tackling the big issues facing the blockchain community right now. EVE players who receive an Alliance Tournament NFT can feel confident that their asset is safe and will have minimal environmental impact.

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