Alliance Tournament XVII

Competitive capsuleers!

We have just released the information about the return of Alliance Tournament XVII, with more information about how to enter the tournament, key dates, and full rules to come next week. Please use this thread for feedback and discussion.



AT17 \0/


I’m disappointed how this announcement was made, the AT coming back only really needed a dev blog yet CCP thought in their infinite wisdom that video announcement was in some way required which resulted in massive interest that ended up with more disappointment than it really needed to

Can’t help but feel PR screwed the pooch on this one




Yawn :sleeping:


We love seeing the most skilled pilots and theorycrafters that New Eden has to offer duking it out on a grid.

There have been some amazing player-led initiatives since the hiatus of the AT, and it has demonstrated the level of interest that this type of event holds. Alliance Tournament is one of the projects we always wanted to resume, and acquisition of new talent gave us the opportunity to realize this crave this year.

After months of planning and organizing, we were finally able to share that information with the community today. We know that there are conversations on different topics related to EVE Online’s ecosystem, game changes and overall health that are at the forefronts of your minds. We hear you loud and clear. These subjects are continuously talked about internally and we are in the process of preparing a communication piece that will touch on some of the hot topics you want more visibility on. Expect to see it hitting soon.

For this discussion, we can’t wait to hear your feedback on Alliance Tournament XVII. As mentioned in the news post, we also have an Alliance Tournament Discord setup to facilitate discussions as well - so feel free to pop in for a chat!


Let’s hope that this thing will be boycotted.

This should be an announcement as a crowning piece after a period of reconstruction and fixing problems, not a coliseum games during the war of the developer on the customers.

And now you even want to recycle AT ships instead of coming up with new ones… While you have tons of opportunities to create crazy good AT prize ships, CCP again throws away potential for good experiences.

Will you ever learn? :facepalm:


Ccp has trained being “tone deaf” to 5 it seems.


I hope it is boycotted, a line needs drawing in the proverbial sand-box.


Good to see verbal confirmation of the reaction to this, and that there seems to be an understanding why people are getting rowdy over this. People have brought up very good points about PR and how this tournament was announced, but I sincerely hope that this response is enough for people to at the very least separate this post from that, accept that they are being heard, and not derail this entire thread.

People can still be excited over the alliance tournament, including CCP, and I’m sure there are people internally that are probably discouraged to have something they were getting excited over sharing get brigaded. Let’s not sour this people, leave it to r/eve.


Glad to hear the Alliance Tournaments are back!


and again they changed it nobody asked for.

keeping it fresh is such a bullsh*t.


Maybe fix the state of the game so they come back then?


Wow are you serious ccp do you really think this will be the magic carrot that brings all the players back to the game what a joke you are tone deaf to what the players want and no real communication at all about the state of the player count. I hope the players boycott this.


It was only a matter of time. The laziest developers around. Surely this will bring people to the game. In the mean time, buy more plex and get wealthy in Eve.


The only thing I can remember about the AT is that CODE. won so hard that one time, CCP had to ban them from future tournaments.


Are the winners of this tournament predetermined like in the past, or will they be determined by some different method this time around?

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Tourny good - your fail PR skills bd.

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Cool but I won’t be participating. I feel I don’t have enough ships in reserve to risk losing one for an event. I’d rather lose one in a PvP combat where I’ll learn something.
Thanks anyways… Keep up the good work, CCP.


ignoring the endless negative nancys, i am worried how the tournament isn’t just going to be triglavian ships fighting triglavian ships?