Alliance Tournament XVII

As I understand it thats exactly the case.

The most obvious reason why CCP Swift couldn’t run an official CCP-hosted tournament 2 years ago was that he wasn’t working for CCP then. Engage a little brain.

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I’m sorry did you think I meant him personally when I said “you”? Yeah… that “you” was meant to represent ccp not swift personally. This question he should very much be able to answer.

Going back down memory lane, alliance tournament 10. I had been playing for a little over a year and understood just about 8% of what these people were talking about :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I enjoyed the format of the show. Good times !!

Two of the faces are still very familiar today, give or take a few wrinkles. From left to right you will see and possibly recognize:
Raivi (later to become ccp fozzie)
Kil2 (later to become ccp rise)
ccp punkturis (notoriously enthusiastic about the color pink, who left in 2018)
and of course the Almighty ccp Soundwave (the then Lead Designer)


Is that Golem model?

One of the craziest thing I remember from any AT was when the meta was Marauders that would MJD to the center.

One team figured out you could overheat an Inty and bump the Marauder while its MJD was spooling and it would jump itself out of bounds.

They actually pulled it off in a match.

I don’t remember who that was or what year, but it was wild.

The Alliance Tournament actually involves a deceptive amount of work to put on well, and when we decided to put the AT on hiatus it was because there was not enough manpower to put on a show up to the standards that the players and competitors had come to expect.

This past year CCP Aurora has been unearthing and updating the tech involved in the tournament, as well as putting together a plan to broadcast it year-after-year in a sustainable fashion. This is the culmination of months of work and preparation.


It’s good to see you posting here on the Official Eve Online Forums and I sincerely hope you continue to be active in the future.

I want to say thank you for explaining the situation and more importantly, for putting up with our behavior. I know it’s a poor excuse but it’s been a very rough time for everybody, both in and out of game, these past couple of years.

Despite our apparent outrage, we definitely love Eve and want to see it thrive. Once again thank you for taking the time to deal with us.



looks like it, yeah
and they’re sipping Quafe Zero, no doubt :grinning:

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Just try and avoid being taken down by the whiners and crybabies that seem so prevalent in today’s society.


Time for gofundme for ccp?

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And even with the additional manpower from the AT to develop the game, CCP still managed to royally screw up every feature they released since then. Do you see the irony in this? This begs the question where all the additional development manpower went if it did not help to create better, polished and beyond-alpha-state features.

Slightly more related to the AT: I hope that it won’t be like the other ATs before it that allows the participants to choose their ships. This made every AT since 11 or so really boring. The Amarr Championships, on the other hand, were much more entertaining to watch because people had to come up with setups on in short amounts of time and were constrained by the ship limitations. This made the entire tournament much more dynamic and hilarious to watch and follow compared to the ever same Sleipnir Rush fleets in ATs.


What happened to scamming is ok etc.

Weak very weak

From the name I assume this is only for alliances, is that the case?

There will be a token available in the New Eden Store that will allow you to participate in the raffle, even if you are not in an alliance.

The Alliance Tournament is traditionally an alliance-level event, however this year there are some interesting new mechanics to allow the unaffiliated to compete. The exact mechanics of the “Mercenary Rule” will be posted on Monday, July 19th, with the rest of the Tournament rules.


Welcome to Alliance Everyone Tournament XVII I

Seriously if this is what they expect to fix the freefalling player count then eve is doomed.

It isn’t over until they open up Jove space.

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I don’t agree, it’s not over untill we invade Jovian space against their will.
We should have a chat with Katia, shas been there.
She might be a bit reluctant but we have drugs and pills and boosters and and and… Other stuff

I’m not so much unaffiliated as inept, but that has worked in my advantage in the past (rarely).