Alliance Tournament XVII

Time for gofundme for ccp?

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And even with the additional manpower from the AT to develop the game, CCP still managed to royally screw up every feature they released since then. Do you see the irony in this? This begs the question where all the additional development manpower went if it did not help to create better, polished and beyond-alpha-state features.

Slightly more related to the AT: I hope that it won’t be like the other ATs before it that allows the participants to choose their ships. This made every AT since 11 or so really boring. The Amarr Championships, on the other hand, were much more entertaining to watch because people had to come up with setups on in short amounts of time and were constrained by the ship limitations. This made the entire tournament much more dynamic and hilarious to watch and follow compared to the ever same Sleipnir Rush fleets in ATs.


What happened to scamming is ok etc.

Weak very weak

From the name I assume this is only for alliances, is that the case?

There will be a token available in the New Eden Store that will allow you to participate in the raffle, even if you are not in an alliance.

The Alliance Tournament is traditionally an alliance-level event, however this year there are some interesting new mechanics to allow the unaffiliated to compete. The exact mechanics of the “Mercenary Rule” will be posted on Monday, July 19th, with the rest of the Tournament rules.


Welcome to Alliance Everyone Tournament XVII I

Seriously if this is what they expect to fix the freefalling player count then eve is doomed.

It isn’t over until they open up Jove space.

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I don’t agree, it’s not over untill we invade Jovian space against their will.
We should have a chat with Katia, shas been there.
She might be a bit reluctant but we have drugs and pills and boosters and and and… Other stuff

I’m not so much unaffiliated as inept, but that has worked in my advantage in the past (rarely).

The Jovians are all dead.

The Alliance Tournament takes place in Jove space, so it gets invaded every time the tournament is held.

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We aren’t after them, we are after their stuff. Also aren’t they the sleepers and to a somewhat lesser and more deranged extent drifters?
Also, even if they are dead, CCP is occupying their space and thus sitting on top of a like of stuff that we want.

Being invited sucks the fun right out of invading…

nobody asked for? are you serious? are you involved in the community outside the reddit and forum posts? we’ve been asking for return of AT since the day it left. maybe it’s not what you wanted, but be patient.


i was not saying that the AT was unwanted.

“they changed it nobody asked for.” ???

Maybe read it again

But i thought you couldn’t run the alliance tournaments for this very reason, man hours that could of been spent trying to fix the game lots of us play not the 1% who get to play in the Alliance tournament.

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