Allow Black ops BS and Covert ops Frigates in built Local Immunity

Do you mean local or D-scan?

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I mean, it’s not too late

Because BLOPs and Stealth Bombers can’t kill crabs now? Maybe it is just you. Maybe you should git gooder at BLOPs.

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Why would you want that?

A “no, go away” is always right on time.

Correct me if im wrong, Its been a while since I flew a covops or blackops ship, but i believe, again, i could be wrong, I believe they have this module where you become invisible and unscannable in space? I could be wrong though.

So you want Covops ships not to appear in space, or in chat?

That seems a little too convenient.

You aren’t wrong and yes he does mean they don’t appear in local. Bc d1ck.

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This older thread may interest you.

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■■■■■■■■ theory craft


Thank you for your constructive feedback.

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Out of curiosity, were you telling the krabs to git gud when they were having a meltdown during blackout?

Honestly, it’s not the worst idea as it is a compromise between those one both sides of the blackout debate, would make eve more dangerous, and really hurt the botters.

Of course, the nullbears won’t like it because everyone is for adding content drivers and making more ships explode… as long as it’s not them that’s the content and it’s not their ships that are doing the exploding.

Players don’t want to make Eve more dangerous; they want to make it more dangerous for the other guy.

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This seems a little overpowerd to be honest. But I have been posting an idea to address AFK Cloaking and make cloaks properly cloaked for years…

Cloak removes players from local (and denies them Local)
If they break cloak for any amount of time they stay in local for a minimum 30 sec then drop out again when they reactivate cloak…

This makes cloaks really cloakie, still gives other players Local… Makes it pointless to AFK cloak, and makes it so people have to work to both actively hunt while cloaked and pay attention while ratting.

Now, the Covert-ops cloaker has to make themselves visible/detectable to gain intel on the local system. He can warp from belt to belt, but if he wants to probe, or check on the local channel (or possibly even dscan) to see how many & where people are in system, then he must break cloak. This gives the residents the time to spot him, if they are paying attention.

This 30s visibility in Local between cloaks would aso activate when jumping into the system, between coming through the gate and activation your cloak module. Defenders of a system should really watch whats going on around them and they will be able to notice a cloaker is coming in, and act accordingly.

Here we make:
AFK-Cloaking pointless
Active Cloakers can catch botters
Even system defenders can use cloaks to hide their defense ships.

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You are still deluding yourself into thinking blackout was a good thing. It literally almost killed this game. Marshy and Olmeca manage to kill plenty of stuff with BLOPs gangs. If you can’t do the same then I think that is a “you” problem.

BLOPs have a huge advantage with their cloaks. Cloaks plus blackout was completely broken. There is no way to defend yourself from ships that don’t show up on local and don’t show up on DScan. Especially when they don’t even have to gate into your system.

I have no sympathy for “elite PvPers” who are upset they can’t decloak 100 bombers next to a krab and nuke him with zero warning or chance to defend himself.

Yes, you are bad.

Sure you can. Fly in a PvP fleet at all times. What you mean is that there’s no way to defend yourself without making sacrifices in farming efficiency, and that anything other than mostly-AFK solo farming in pure PvE ships is unacceptable.

BLOPs have a huge advantage with their cloaks.

They really don’t. You can’t warp while cloaked so they’re no more useful than cloaks on any other ship.

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Dude, do you not consider it the least bit hypocritical that you are accusing players of being bad for thinking that Eve should be made more dangerous? The exact same argument could be made that you are bad for not being able/willing to adapt to any new adversity.

Second, blackout didn’t almost kill Eve. Yes, it did some damage because nullbears cried like babies and quit logging in instead of adapting, but it also brought a lot of players back as well. Moreover, a lot of the lost “players” were undoubtedly botters. Blackout could have been a good thing, but players sabotaged it.

Third, krabbers currently have a huge advantage due to intel networks, standing fleets, and capital umbrellas. In fact, krabbers have been generating so much wealth, that CCP has seen fit to address it on multiple occasions.

And it’s funny you bring up Olmeca, of all people, because his CSM campaign video’s thesis was that eve had become too safe.

Finally, saying that players want to buff hunting/nerf ratting because they are bad hunters is an ad hominem attack.
64 Argument Invalid


Interesting idea, and it even makes sense for what covert/black ops should be about. Local as an immediate and free source of intel is controversial at least. However, so would invisibility in Local be for these classes of ships, with lots of backlash. And what would you suggest for stealth bombers and covert fitted tech3s ? Or any other ship that can fit a covert cloak or can be bridged by a black ops batttleship ?

I mean, one could find merit in the idea, but it should come with new restrictions like fleet size, or total number of immune ships in any given system, (deployable) countermeasures that have an increased chance over time to detect covert presence in a system the longer those immune ships are there while not attacking. There are probably ways to make it work and make it interesting without giving total advantage to blops&co fleets. And, maybe my fully trained blops pilot would finally get a fair chance at flying the damn thing, underpowered as it may be.

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I think if you had it work both ways … cloak fitted ships do not show up in local AND cannot see local, maybe this idea would get more traction.

Then the cloaky hunters would have to use d-scan and/or probes to find people.

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the guy clearly does not understand what blops or covops are designed to do.

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