Allow FW Members to engage Neutrals below -5 Faction Standing

Any FW Member should be allowed to “police” high sec space.
Any Neutral with a faction standing of below -5 should be freely shootable by any member of the factions Milita without Concord intervention.

This serves mainly the purpose to counter and engage -5 Standing Alts used to draw away and tank Navy NPC forces in high sec. These at this moment can act without any consequence and allow hostile FW members to hunt and camp in enemy High Sec Space with impunity.

This risk averse playstyle needs to be looked at to bring it more in line with risk vs. reward mechanics.

Another plus side is that it gives a new, altough minor extension to FW.

While HS hunting is an important and fun part of FW. The Navy Mechanics heavily favor the attacker and need balancing.

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This would open up quite a few PvE players to a war dec they effectively cannot escape.
(yes, yes… standings can be repaired and all that jazz… but that takes time to do. Time that someone under duress of war would not have much of)

Also… I’m going to point out something:

You are in a global war declaration against other like-minded players and you are complaining about people taking the war to your doorstep?
Go outside and blow them up!

Seriously… what do you do in low-sec where there are no Faction Navy?
Operate like that.

If you need the Faction Navy to stack the odds in your favor then you are doing something wrong.

How many times have you performed high-sec raids?

Because I can tell you from experience, it is MUCH harder than it looks.

Only in there -5 space

This also should use current status system because it is already quite complicated.

Then you suggestion maybe Ok for me.

It isnt.

Nice strawman. I am not talking about the people in FW. I am talking about their alts OUTSIDE FW.

Not quiet. Farming easy kills in HS is one of the most risk averse types of “PVP” in the game. This needs balancing.

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Not really a strawman. The change you are proposing goes well beyond alt characters and involves other players who want to have nothing to do with Faction Warfare (see: PvE-centric players).

Again, if someone joins Faction Warfare they are voluntarily taking part in a global war declaration that does not have any borders or limits.
That person should be on a “war footing” at all times.
How “easy” it is to be shot is literally in one’s own hands. Same as it is in any other war dec or with any combat situation in low-sec.

It is. Otherwise it would happen A LOT more than it does.

Give it a few try’s. You’ll see I’m not BSing you.

Any character with a -5 Faction Standing is “kill on sight” anywhere in that Faction’s space.

Doesn’t matter if they’re in FW, Player Corp or NPC Corp. If they’re in High Sec space and have -5 standing to that Faction, then it’s open season on them.

Only for NPCs. Faction standing doesn’t let players attack you.

Other people are not enough, people who want to engage freely in real PVP and all the juicy rewards that are exclusive to FW, why don’t you just ask for a stasis module that doesn’t allow others to move or fire, this way you can just face blast grief every mission runner in sight, that is what you are asking for.

Your not looking for PVP, you are just looking for easy kills, my only guess is cause you can’t hang with a gorilla, gorillas in the mist!

Terrible idea.


says the man who juggles faction standings

How about any neutral can shoot -5 faction standings characters instead? No, don’t like that idea I take it.

DeMichael was not arguing for the change. He was pointing out that anyone who is -5 is KoS to FacPo in Empire space - not just FW chars and their ‘neutral’ alts. Which means the suggested change would bugger a hell of a lot more people than the ‘neutral’ alts in question by making people KoS to other players, not just NPCs, even though their negative standing is probably from NPC interactions.

I think this idea is stupid but you’re being even dumber.

its how it was reading…

since about 08 i have always wanted all high sec missions to be anti faction only…
pirates belong in low sec or null.

and if the topic suggestion was emplaced all i can see if mass quiting of eve…

fw pilots would fly around in dessies in fleets and just kill the “pilots” in missions and on gates…

and that includes ever mission runner who just does missions and what not… nice veil of deceit …

Thanks, it isn’t easy to emulate you but somehow I mastered it.

Yep. I have a mission spammer who has never even been to gallente space. Just killed lots of gallente in caldari space given missions.

OP is looking for easy gank targets when bored. Swing by far away space and pop a mission runner. And not even show up as a wt or a bad color. Neut grey…with kill rights basically. What could possibly go wrong here.

This would be like 0.0 asking to have players standing matter after a player has left 0.0. Well this player is bad to us!

from like 6 years ago in one char’s case with goons.

I remember that… its what made me have nothing but utter disdain for mittens…

when you broadcast that people should basically bully someone to suicide… thats just not even remotely bad its vile.

I liked them under Kartoon better. For lack of better wording they at least had some “class” then. Term used loosely of course lol.

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