Allow payloads of Plex to be loaded directly into festival launchers

Greetings CCP, I request you to lift sanctions in your code and grant me the freedom to burn Jita with golden showers. I find it necessary to protest the evils of capitalism with guided gilded missiles.

Plex Payload Request


inb4dablock! this is epic. I approve this message!

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Plex in festival launchers? Golden shower?
Please put down the mushroom bag dude, you need to get back to reality!

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That and potential forced name change for OP.

Already exists (sort of), undock in Jita with it in cargo containers and the plex will be in space in no time.

Epic thread lol. I’d like it twice if I could.

Hopefully CCP can let it slide this time, his namesake is the poster child for 75% of Eve players:

  • Ready to screw the whole world for personal gain
  • Talks trash in local
  • Kills people en mass
  • Trolls the whole damn world and /lols his way into a hot tub full of slavegirls

no, he needs to ■■■■■■■ share is what he needs to do with that baggie

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We hoped that for Homo Jesus too…

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