Allow station owners to play streaming clips of their choosing

Station owners should be allowed to stream whatever SFW content they want on their video screens while docked that docked pilots have to see. Who wants to see sunglasses commercials for the rest of eternity?
Let’s get some better commercials at least out of this change.


Using what video encoding, who checks for subliminal messages or viruses, who does the check on if it is SFW?


this is terribad. Seriously think about what people could and would do with this sort of thing.

Who is going to police all these streams…?

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There is no player owned Stations, so I support this.

Now if you mean Citadels, no way, CCP would have to hire a few dozen more folks to makes sure they are not NC17.

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While I agree with the concept ‘in theory’ . . . in the reality of Eve it would be abused. Unless CCP actually hired a ‘media mogul’ to vet allowed vids? It would be abused horribly and fairly swiftly. Go look up the graphic designer term TTP if you are not sure of what I mean.

So . . . I do not support this unless you can show me some way that it would be safe and not exploitable and when you de? Remember that we are talking Eve players, here.



One way to prevent abuse would be to make it clear that creating nsf or other negative content would result in the corp/alliance being disbanded and the ceo of the corp being permanently banned, including all alts. It would have to be uploaded to ccp much like alliance logos etc, and reviewed by a GM/DEV/Review team. It COULD be done if the rules for abuse were extremely harsh. But I def see some asshats trying to skate around the rules, it’s what eve players do.

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Not safe for work by who’s guidelines though for a start. and if it is a throw away account via a VPN to spread an imbeded virus, do they care?

Alliance logo’s carry the same risk re viruses. So obviously not something ccp seems worried about, and nsfw should basically mean PG-13 and below.

Just make it local, client side only. I don’t want to see other people’s garbage.

TTP? Trusted Third Party? Trust The Process? Or something Teen something?

And how is this Review Team going to be paid? for sitting around and reviewing any garbage stream that players send to them all day?

Alliance logo is a one time picture that takes no time at all to review.
This could be hundreds of videos a day…

I’m sure they have a few unpaid interns running around. Get a few more. problem solved. Limit it to 1 or 2 per alliance, and has to be submitted by the head of that alliance, they can mitigate it quite a bit. Limit the changeover as well. Only allowing submissions once every 3-6 months, and any new submissions replaces a previous submission. Once the allotment has been reached, no more can be submitted until the next submission period.

It’s doable.

edit Not to say it would be worth CCP’s time though. But it is doable.

No that’s part of the deal you are in their station. They should be able to choose the TV station on in their house–no-one is forcing you to dock there.

I don’t want to be required to download sketchy files and ■■■■ just because some mentally deficient child decides he’s going to upload a 2gb porno as their station’s videos. This is a terrible idea.

Just get rid of the billboards altogether. I see enough advertising IRL.

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