New Plex Sink Idea

I made a video, so check out the link below if you want to skip the wall of text.

You can rest assured that I already feel retarded making this post. But here’s the deal; CCP asked the CSM for plex sink ideas at the CSM winter summit. Thus, it’s probably safe to assume that CCP either was, or still is, looking for ways to further monetize the game. Now, before you guys grab your pitchforks, I better clarify that I am not trying to be an agent provocateur with all this. Arguments, name calling, public acts of character destruction, and non-constructive feedback don’t help fix problems or preserve what we love about the game. So, it would be nice if we could have a productive discussion.

Regardless, I made my video because if CCP were to introduce further monetization to the game, I would want it to:

  1. Be Non-Exploitative /Consumer Friendly
  2. Avoid Creating Balance Issues
  3. Not Be Bad for Morale

I believe that my idea achieves this goal. However, if you have concerns over implementation, or think the entire concept is fundamentally flawed, please elaborate. It also might not be a terrible idea to submit your own ideas for plex sinks. I know we would all prefer further that no further monetization methods be implemented, but that may very well be a pipe dream. Thus, it probably isn’t a terrible idea for the playerbase to proactively influence monetization direction, instead of just rioting or quiting after a change has been made.

Video - New Plex Sink Proposal - Extra Neural Remaps

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I’ll give you this, your proposal meets all of the ground rules you lay out at the beginning of your presentation and I can see people willingly dropping Plex for this. I give it :+1::+1: and an :ok_hand:.

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As someone with 60million+ SP, the remapping doesn’t matter to me. I rarely fly anything above a battle cruiser and am content with my skill levels.

I don’t have any solutions for adding extra income streams for CCP. I think the game is definitely slowing down and has changed. Faction warfare is my element and it is really gotten slow.


Redefining “let’s make the bastards work for us” since that particular flight from Vegas ftw …

What corporation? Are you with Minmatar FW?


Usernames check out? Mark of a bad idea is when you need to be your own shill. Haven’t watched the video, I’m at work.


inb4 OP changes thread title, video link, and tries to redirect a well under-way discussion…

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Lol, I just noticed the name similarity! Of course you won’t believe we aren’t the same person but at least I get to laugh over it!

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Also OP sorry for killing your idea. I guess it wasn’t meant to be…

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11/10 I would buy remaps for plex

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As someone with multiple high SP characters i place no personal value in anything skill related, i don’t need anything but then again i’m not the target player as i’ll just buy what i need with ISK

This pic is awesome, OP! Thanks for entertaining while talking about things! :+1:
I’m stealing this to use (with name/date changed, of course)

I don’t think player revolts like the jita riots are even possible now. The playerbase has changed and many of the players left from that time are pretty much resigned to the fate of where ccp obviously wants to go.


CSM 13: dear CCP, no need to spend your reseources to make EvE a better game, just give us more skins.


structure skins incoming soon…

my real fear is “mutated” ships! here’s the royal isks sink! and i’m sure it comes sonner than expected

Remaps are bad. Attributes are bad. Inbeding it further into the game is very bad. Especially when its newbies who get punished most by the whole system who will then be told to just pony up some cash.

Rest easy. The technical implications of implementing something like that leave the CCP devs in the fetal position, longing to be in a safe place.

all ccp needs to do is add the options for alliances to create this for money, and the idea of a plex sink go’s out the door.

CCP benefits from inflated isk, and plex. Do not forget that. It will only change when people out rage in eve and the population drops.

You want to make them panic? organize a pass log off for a day or two, you will see how fast it gets fixed.

Oh, you shouldn’t have said that…now in Reykjavik there’s a dev going “hold my Skyrgosi” after reading that…


As long as they are assembled its easy. Just would be like rigs. can’t package it.