What are the significant sources and sinks for ISK?

Mwa, only happened once on the plex side, packs saved the day. Opiate economics has become much more integral nowadays.

for me this ^ was def. #1 way to destroy isk. a few billion for capital bpos

Not mentioned above:

  1. Contract Fees
  2. Players quitting the game (guess there are trillions of isk in player quittings), banned & deinstallation makes no difference - technically it does not always destroy that isk but it is “non-reachable” and outside the system. Removal of that character from CCP destroys the isk. Just not logging in makes it “non-reachable”

From 2012, player Tippia:


  • NPC bounties
  • NPC buy orders
  • Agent rewards: Mission rewards, Mission time bonuses, Incursion rewards
  • Insurance payout
  • GM actions: Reimbursement for lost pods
  • Character creation


  • Market taxes & fees: Broker fees, Sales tax
  • NPC sell orders
  • NPC station services: Repairs, Jump clone installation, Medical clone installation/upgrade/station change, Science and industry slot rental, Ship insurance
  • NPC station office fees: Rent, Impound penalties
  • Wardecs
  • Sovereignty fees
  • PI fees: Building PI structures, Import/export tax (from NPC-owned customs offices)
  • Corp & alliance fees: Corp creation, Alliance creation, Alliance upkeep, Creating/awarding medals, Corp registry ads
  • Agent fees: (Certain) LP store items, Locator agent services, Courier missions w/ deposits
  • CSPA Charges
  • Smuggling fines
  • GM Actions: Removal of bought ISK, Removal of insurance after ship reimbursement
  • Character deletion


There is none.

The point of the post seems to be information. Some people ask questions to learn something new.

The OP is concerned that she will not be able to afford Plex anymore.

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The OP has sufficiently explained the nature of their interest. And doesn’t add information in response to “stingers” from semi-literate (write but can’t read) people who haven’t read the thread.

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Choose the wrong alt? :wink:

I agree, you have explained it, even though I still don’t understand you goal. There is no magic I can see, and nothing is unusual. You are hunting some phantoms, I guess.

This is the only character I post from. My use of 3rd-person is an “idiot-trap” (now probably sprung in advance, but who knows?).

The PLEX market as a whole is interesting because (IMO) it’s not like most (perhaps any) real-world market(s). I won’t go into more detail - too much effort for a probably non-existent audience :slight_smile:


I usually look to those that actually understand a system for analysis.

This thread would be like an earth/climate scientist saying “I want to model the weather of planet earth, but I don’t know what factors are important. Can someone point out the important factors so I can teach what is actually happening?”

You’ve already revealed yourself to NOT be an expert on this topic. Further, you seem to be approaching this biased toward the conclusion you want to point out, since you have basically stated that conclusion before you even had the relevant data.


If I was an expert on the topic I would not have needed to create a thread entitled “What are the significant sources and sinks for ISK?”.

As for the RL money/PLEX/ISK market: If you were less ignorant or a little smarter you’d either see why it’s unusual compared to real-world markets, or you’d explain why it’s not.

But on the bright side - now you have an opportunity to disprove my statement. Just describe a real-world “product” and market that’s similar. There are well-known candidates BTW. But if you knew what they were you would not have used weather modelling (of all things /lol) as an example or metaphor.

Picture from the official Eve Economic Report Feb 2019:

Not quite.

You also have to look at the real economy (i.e. the stuff players make, yes it is virtual, but in economics when you make stuff or provide services those are considered “real” goods).

If the money supply grows faster than the real economy you will get inflation. If the money supply grows too slow you get deflation. Both can be bad if they get to be too “large” where “large” does not have a precise answer.

Most games do not have a market as complex and extensive as in EVE.

Not always, it was dropping for awhile there.

ISK is created by players. Players trade their time for ISK. ISK is what has been described as a synthetic commodity currency. As a player trades more and more time for ISK the opportunity cost of his time goes up–i.e. it becomes increasingly likely he’ll stop creating the ISK (for that day, month, etc.). Further, as other players increase the ISK supply and the purchasing power of the ISK he is creating in his wallet goes down this will also increase his opportunity cost time (relative to the ISK being created). As such, for a given set of ways to generate de novo ISK, there will be a natural limit to the creation.

Where we can run into trouble is when CCP changes something about the various methods. If CCP makes it easier to generate ISK using a given method then players will end up adding more ISK to the economy over time. And if CCP nerfs something the opposite.

I don’t think so. The markets in EVE are too primitive relative to RL markets. For example there really isn’t any leverage in the game. There is also no fractional reserve lending. There are no banks for there to be runs. There is no credit for all intents and purposes. That is there is no credit market to seize up and cause majore problems throughout the rest of the game.

The PLEX market is not that hard to figure out. The out of game market looks like this,


Supply is determined by the price and is perfecly elastic. Demand, as shown here, is linear and can be inelastic, unit elastic, or elastic depending on where it intersects with the supply curve. The demand curve could also have a constant elasticity, but I’m too lazy to graph that.

The in game market looks like,


These graphs apply at a given point in time. Over time the PLEX market is most likely dominated by technical trading strategies that is why we see more trades and volatility than if we were in say a market with more of a rational expectations/efficient market hypothesis.

There is nothing super duper special.

Very educational post, thank you. You also did not hint at anyone in particular being less intelligent than you are, which OP did on number of occasions.

I reacted to two “destructive” posts: one guy who lied about me, and another guy who said some spectacularly stupid things with an obviously negative intent. I didn’t over-react in either case.

The rest (apart from your post) has been interesting and useful. Including Teckos’ last post - we don’t agree 100%, but overall it was constructive.

The PLEX market is in weird shape right now. Perhaps events will prove which of Teckos or I is more nearly correct.

How does this work?

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I’ll just leave this here

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