Allowing Paragon Stations To Have Corporation Offices

Currently, paragon stations are unable to hold corporation offices. However, many Paragon stations are within the FW space, with groups living in these areas. For example, in Aubenall, three alliances live in the Paragon station without corporation offices because it is a frontline. All other stations are full, and no one else can add more corporate offices. Presently, there needs to be more corporation offices in FW space to support the player base, as many stations have older corporations that have not revoked their hanger access. Furthermore, as the warzone shifts, groups will be moving to various frontlines, and the ability to have more corporation hanger access is a critical QOL tool that alliances/corporations use to manage assets.

Allowing players to increase their corporation hanger access will allow more groups to live in various areas and improve their quality of life to enable members to access hangers instead of trading out ships all the time. A good QOL change would be allowing these stations to have corporate offices that groups can base out of and give groups more flexibility in choosing where they can reside.

An upwell structure can supply office space, may also generate content. :smiley:

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