Allow players to rent offices in stations

I am not sure this is the correct forum for game suggestions and if it isn’t then can a mod please move this to the correct place for it.

As a short backdrop with the new changes to industry(which I am a big fan of) its clear that industry is becoming more than a 1 man game(at least a 1 account game). Given that people will now need to work together even at a basic corp member role it would be nice to have a way for one player to rent an office with maybe less hangers than the standard corp hanger but enough to be useful for breaking up the different parts of industry T1 T2, PI etc. That person could then use an access list the same way as a bookmarks and allow others to access those hangers without needing any corp roles that the higher ups wouldn’t want to give out to line members.

This would really help facilitate cooperation between players and allow them to make the most of the new industry changes.


I’m happy to add you to my ballot

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