Almost 13M Sillpoints Need him gone ASAP <<<<.SOLD!...SOLD....SOLD>>>>

This sale is for Antonio_Glass

This is one of my alts I played , but was spending more time on other toons
original owner.

fallow link

-1.54 oops :slight_smile:

12,959,613 SP

Cool Name!


29m isk in wallet a bunch of stuff around the U

6.5 start! Or Best Offer…


7 Billion

Ill Do
7 Billion

Why did you pull?

Bump Bump Bump

7bil here

Sold, Send me your info ., Isk and he is yours.

Sold, Send me your info ., Isk, and he is yours.

Something smells a little fishy about this one. More so given there’s no post made from the character being sold

I can post him but this guy I’m using is on the same account so i just thought I would use this guy to sell him. I have had this account for several years. I’m sure Eve customer service would concur, its even my real name. I would have no clue as to cheat anybody here.

i will transfer isk as soon as you confirm with the character sold.

Hi I’m for sale! I’m legit… Genghis is an alt on my account. Send away … Thanks in fact I’m on eve rite now. When I get the isk ill happily go to my account and send him over. and post confirmation on here.


Ill Log on to Genghis Dong now to post Sold. but I though I did already.

isk and info sent

Received , working on the transfer now.

Sold Working on the transfer now, I have received the 7B isk and info for your account.

Receipt sold Antonio Glass
22 Jan 2019 18:08

EVE Character transfer

Payment Method

Character Transfer Initiated To the Account you provided
We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes

Happy to do business with you!

thanks for the trade & have a nice evening