Almost max Bus Pilot for sale 67mil sp (also moros)

Really solid bus pilot, also does Moros.

DD Rapid firing 5
Capital blaster and Rail Spec 5
Armour and Skirmish link spec’s at 5
almost perfect Capital Nav Skills
Jump Portal Generation 5
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5
Gal carrier skill book injected

Just missing the Spatial Phenomena Generation skills and they can be injected right now.

pass: 1234

HG Amulet clone.

Erebus Glittering dream(2bil), Spirit and Valimor Legacy skins.

Lets start at 65bil with a 75bil buyout.

(Bus also available 74bil with t2 trimarks as a separate transaction)

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Nice toon, free bump

Very nicely focused character. He is missing drug skills on top of the spacial.

Melt value is about 44.5b. I’d pay 55.

55 is a bit low, thanks for the free bump :slight_smile:



u still selling?

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PS waiting on reply ingame mail

Still for sale???

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