Almost max bus pilot for sale (67mil SP)

Really solid bus pilot for sale again after I forgot about him last time.

DD Rapid firing 5
Capital blaster and Rail Spec 5
Armour and Skirmish link spec’s at 5
almost perfect Capital Nav Skills

Jump Portal Generation 5
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5
Gal carrier 3
Gal dread 1
He can also fly ceptors and covops and has cyno 5, if you need him to double as a hunting alt.

Just missing the Spatial Phenomena Generation skill, and the two drug skills, both can be injected now.

pass: 1234

HG Amulet clone with associated 5% hardwirings

Erebus Glittering dream(4bil), Spirit and Valimor Legacy skins.

Lets start at 55bil with a 75bil buyout.

In game mails to Dibbier if you want a response.

45Bil ready

55b starting bid

55bil noted as starting bid, if no more bids in 24 hours I will be sold to this guy.

Fianl Bump

ok, sold to Der Gummler at 55b. please send isk and account info.

No contact from bidder so, auction back open again…

offer 55 bil isk ready

hello, I wasnt able to send isk and account info because my internet died for a few days
as it stands im still interested in buying the toon. let me know if you still want to do the trade

Der Gummler are you going to use him for mad pvp and wave your new bus around like a massive space wang?

i hope to lose it in the next big titan fight if that is what you mean

If you will go to 56bil to beat the other offer we can do this right away, if not i will wait until tomorrow to give him time to counter offer. I appreciate that i accepted your offer and you had internet issues but i feel i must be fair here.

ok i can do 56b

Accepted, please send isk and account info, i will start the transfer as soon as i get home from work in 1 - 2 hours depending on the supermarket.

isk and account info sent, thank you for being considerate of my internet issue

No worries bro, we all eve together.

So you cant even outbid the other offer?
60 bil otherwise

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