Almost Replaced... Needs you!

Almost Replaced is a new HS / LS corporation, whose goal is, among other things, to ensure its members are well protected from those who would rape them for their fun, ore, mission achievement, etc by making sure they have the skills to protect themselves no matter what ship they’re flying. Further, AR takes its member’s participation within the Corporation very seriously, as each member is required to fulfill the career path they chose within the Corporation to the best of their ability. This is accomplished by, among other ways, (1) assisting other members with missions, (2) Protecting Other members who have yet to learn Pvp skills (3) Ratting to ensure corp has the necessary fund to buy the ships, fittings, etc to defend its members… etc
Every member of AR is a valued cog in the machinery of the Corporation as a whole…
So if you want to really be apart of something… and not just a number in a corp that doesn’t know your name or what you can fly… then Join AR… Today… where you are the corporation that offers organized Missions, Ratting, Mining, Pvp, etc. game content

AR is a corporation for those who wish to learn Pvp, making isk, Ratting, Indy, Mining, etc with others who are are attempting to learn these skills from experienced players. For you Vets who are sick of the constant war(s), we offer a relaxed atmosphere where if you wish you can pass on your years of experience by fulfilling management position to education by example to simi-new / new bros whom may inexperienced in Indy, mining, Pvp, Ratting, etc, in organized formate.

Check out AR, if you enjoy, or want to learn or pass on your knowledge of mining, indy, missions, Ratting, Pvp against only those who can shoot back, etc… .

We are small but very active… at least 5 members are on and active every day, yet we are looking to expand our Mining, Pvp, Ratting, and Mission divisions… with new members. Also, we are looking for managers in these divisions, who are able to lead members in these areas with experience.

We operate mainly US times, but we have a few EU members and are looking for both US and EU members to round out both time frames.

For more information or an invite contact Any member of Almost Replaced.

I just joined this corp and it is very active with a lot of Fleet Activities, including PvP training. The CEO has created a solid corp structure where every Corp pilot matters. Join today, you won’t be sorry you did

Ty, for such a honest view

How do I contact you guys? Do you guys have a chat channel that I can join?

you can send a in-game mail to Aurora or any AR member to more information and for a invite to our chat channel… or In game PM Aurora

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