Already Replaced [AARP] Is Open For Recruitment


Already Replaced is seeking PVP oriented corporations to join our ranks and join us in our fight in Null SOV space. As members of Legacy Coalition we have plenty of PVP opportunities to keep a combat pilot happy and engaged, with plenty of targets to hit and space to both protect and fight over as we fight to expand our borders into other regions of Null space.

While Eve goes through a “Chaos Era” implemented by our CCP Overlords space has never been more exciting or engaging in Null SOV. Hunting enemy targets has become exciting again as scouts aren’t automatically known in Local. Home defense has become a requirement to actively defend infrastructure from those same enemy hunters. With the changes to Cyno’s sub capital and small gang fleets are once again fun to fly in since not every fight becomes, by default, a capital and super capital engagement. BLOPS fleets under blackout conditions are fun again. Join Already Replaced and enjoy turning our new SOV into a livable home.

As an alliance we have many things to offer to our member corps.
We have a healthy industrial base to build the things we need for PVP with the logistics to support everyone’s needs.
TS3 for alliance comms.
Alliance Discord for disseminating information quickly and efficiently.
Plenty of space to make ISK in while not in fleets.
Plenty of our own fleets for some Pew Pew fun both on the front during war operations and back home for home defense purposes.
A friendly atmosphere with a knowledgeable base, we love to help others grow and thrive.
A family atmosphere where your members are not just numbers on a spread sheet but an integral part the whole. We care about our members.
Alliance level buyback program for all Ore, PI, Loot/Salvage so the alliance pays you for your efforts.
SRP program, yes we even replace capitals. In Already replaced when you lose a ship it is already replaced due to our logistical and industrial support.

The best part of Eve is flying with a group that you enjoy flying with, a group that considers each pilot as an individual and not just another number to be an F1 monkey, and a group that will support you. We are looking for both experienced PVP corps and those who have always wanted to get into it but haven’t known where to start. If your experienced we’ll use that experience, any FC’s you have will be welcome. If you’re not experienced but willing we will teach you and you will learn to to thirst for those awesome kill mails. We look forward to discussing with you the possibilities.

Already Replaced Diplo Team
Hop Patron
Alex Awildstar
Valcc Elusive
Choc talar

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Already Replaced has a home for you

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