Already Replaced has a home for the disenfranchised

Are you struggling to find your place in the Eve community? Have you and your corp become disenfranchised with the game? Are you tired of having to hide who you are in fear that you may be disrespected? Are you tired of just being a cog in the alliance machine? In Already Replaced we respect all people, all are welcome in our community, every corp matters no matter how big or small. We formed Already replaced to be an alliance where everyone is respected and everyone is valued for who they are, you do not have to be like everyone else. Race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religious background, and gender identity do not matter in Already Replaced. You be you because everyone deserves to live in a gaming community that values them as individuals from the leadership down.

Already Replaced is a Null based alliance and members of FI.RE coalition living in the region of Immensea. We are always looking for like minded corps to join our little space community and family to simply enjoy the game, to work together to create an enjoyable and fun community. While we love all facets of PVP it’s the fun had that matters rather than the killboard or whether or not the battle report is “ISK positive”. At the end of the day the greater question is did you enjoy your time in Eve today. We are looking for corps from all walks of life in Eve whether they be PVP oriented or industrial oriented, all are welcome as all play a role in creating a healthy atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

If you and your corp are looking for a new place to call home and you want more information reach out to an Already Replaced recruiter today via our public discord at are always willing to answer your questions and discuss the possibilities. If a public discord is too much for you feel free to Dm Choc talar directly at Choc talar#5611 on discord anytime, I will always get back to you and I am always willing to answer your questions and field your concerns.

At the end of the day a gaming community should always be about the people not the ego’s of those working to keep a community going. We look forward to hearing from you.


As a CEO I have to say AARP has been so refreshing. Alliance likes to do things differently which facilitates people’s interests rather than dictating your time like other Null entities. Love it here and all my corp members enjoy it thoroughly!


According to Tony the Tiger we’re Great!

Choc, the discord link isn’t working for me. Discord say’s it’s invalid.

try it now

AARP is a close knit community and we always have room for more in our family. No corp is too small, reach out to us today

Well its been a great home for us. If you like something diffrent then meta come to AARP!

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