Alone in the Rokofur

Hi there,

I live alone in rokofur, 9 jumps from Rens, i play in this system and in the low gultratren.
I have 22 mil skills.

Im looking for a partner o for a nearby corp to do some manufacture and sell around here or in low, actually im doing research in a destroyer and a cruiser BPO and my idea is to sell pvp fits in FW space,

So, someone o any corp around wanna join me?

Tired of playing alone :sweat_smile:

Hi there, we live nearby and we always happy to get newbros online. We are mostly a PVP corp but we have a big Indy core from moon mining to high end construction, so u probably can get lots of good mining and facilities with us.

This is our Adv if u might want to give us a try or just send me an in game mail as u like :smiley:

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