Alpha account & MCT revamp

This subject requires serious discussion among CSM , CCP and the EVE Community.

Eve as a game offers a very unique world, something we all adore . The vast beauty of space combined with complex flying mechanics & a strategic approach to every interaction. One of the Biggest challenge for EvE online has been holding on to the new players, I know this because out of my 10 RL friends I recommended EvE online too, Only one plays .

As a community we really need to address this problem because eve is a sandbox where its players play a huge role in its economy and health. We need a continuous intake of new players for the in game economy to grow and prosper but at the same time we need to also find ways for CCP to generate revenue so that the game keeps getting updated with better content.

1 - Alpha Account & skill points - Increase the basic skill points of new account - All magic 14 skills should be level 3 for new accounts. Increase Alpha SP limits or allow career agents to reward high amount of skill points after completing the storyline to allow new players to reach the 5 million CAP quicker while exploring the game more quickly

2 - MCT Removal - We all know you cant hop from one ship to another in EvE until you have trained into all the basic required skills to pilot it. MCT adds a huge chokepoint for all eve players new or old who want to explore different aspects of the game.

While PLEX remains a method to pay for your characters omega training , Paid subscribers of 1 or 3 or 12 Months should get 1 or both characters training free. This gives incentive for people to pay for the subscription while still allowing people to PLEX the account using in-game methods. CCP often has the offer of 3 months subscription with 3 month MCT for 49.99 $ , its time we make this offer a Permanent feature for all players who pay for the game.

The continuous hampering of game economy that CCP has to do in order to find ways to generate revenue needs to be addressed in a systematic manner . We want them to make money so they can keep developing this game while giving us more ways to explore it .

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How is it a chokepoint, removing it just means you can no longer train alts on the same account, MCT is literally enabling people to experience more of the game because the default is 1 character training at a time, always has been

Its an optional extra service, they aren’t going to just make it a standard feature, it makes them money, they want people to pay by PLEX or to buy MCT’s because that makes more money than subs alone would

Yet you want them to remove the things that make them money? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s just another “give me free stuff because I want it but I’ll try and make it sound as if it’s a good idea for the game and its players”. Why even bother making a serious reply?


Because not everyone is a troll, some people actually believe the nonsense they write, just look at people who actually think the earth is flat, sometimes an idiot is just an idiot and not a troll and just needs a little nudge in the right direction :stuck_out_tongue:

The chokepoint is that to try anything in eve online , new players are looking at months of training time from mining , to mission running to ratting . Everything you want to do requires you to fly a ship with a unique set of skill . If people can train 2 or 3 characters at a time they are not bound to a single corp or activity and can explore the game more .

I know MCT is an optional service but if you pay for your subscription you will notice that CCP offers 3 months Sub + MCT for 49.99 very often , matter of fact past 9 months all 3 month subs I got came with MCT .

CCP can generate more revenue via this while being able to create more content .

1 month subscription remains unchanged - So people running there Omega through Plex can keep doing it

3 month subscription - 1 character MCT - This offer is often available by CCP throughout the year , it keeps an extra reason for people to actually pay over plexing

12 month subscription - 2 character MCT - Same logic as Three month but allows CCP to share more love with people actually directly paying for the 12 months rather than in game .

And they are free to pay for an MCT, before those existed you never even had the option of training multiple characters unless you had multiple subscriptions, thats the way the game was designed and we managed just fine without it

I want the complete opposite from what most want.

Zero skill books installed. Start from nothing. Total blank sheet.

This “magic 14” is made up BS. It’s for a combat character. There are so many other occupations that need none of them. Or one or two.

So I’d recommend starting with nothing. Give a voucher for some amount of skills the noob could install as they see fit and an SP bank of a million or something they can inject where they want.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Indeed. My new player perspective is that its already hard enough just getting one toon to a good skills level, without having to pay ludicrous amounts to get the others trained up. All that happens is that I stop the skills queue on all but one toon.

And the absurdest thing of all…the toon I stopped the skills on is at 3.8 million SP, yet I can create a new alpha account that can get to 5 million SP with no such restrictions. This means that at the very least, multiple toons within an account OUGHT to be able to be simultaneously trained up to 5 million SP. Otherwise as an Omega player I am paying for a toon that has less SP ability than a non-paying alpha !

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