Alpha and Omega

I was a Alpha and was inactive for several years, I installed EveMon and found my character and it claims I’m an Omega now.

Thanks in advance

You haven’t asked a question ? That might be a statement and you thanking the guys of CCP if they gave you free Omega, but I’m missing the point here :no_mouth:

My bad. Question: Why would my profile show me as Omega after not having played for 3 years.

I kind of thought the question was well implied but… thanks!

What’s your question?

There might be multiple reasons, but in the end all will most likely come down to a simple mistake in what is displayed.

Calm the ■■■■ down, he’s simply asking a question. No need to spill your salt here.

I never used EveMon, so I’ll just give my opinion : maybe you simply misread, or if it is indeed displaying that you’re Omega, you can always log in and check in your Character Sheet if none of the displayed skills have golden square (meaning they are locked because you are in Alpha state) :slight_smile:

My bad, I have some troubles spotting hidden questions and second meanings ^^"

Removed a quote. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode

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I thought you needed an ESI key now to link with accounts.

Has Evemon been updated?

1: log in to account management and check
2: check bank statements :slight_smile:

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So EveMon developer is an amateur and you believe your character is Omega because said amateur developer is an amateur??

Not necessarily. Just wondering cause I know I ain’t Omega. lol It’s just EveMon

Just ignore the alpha/omega detection in evemon. It isn’t always accurate.

In Eve online nothing is accurate, why would third party tools would be better ???
P.S. Been there done that, API was buggy, ESI API is mess !!!

Removed some off topic posts.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode Actually, that’s how actual conversations work. “Off topic” things slip in to conversations, just in case you were not actually aware of how conversations go.

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I think this was answered, but there has been a lot of drama in this thread for an easy question…

EveMon frequently misreads the status of clones in regard to alpha/omega.

I don’t think this is a real high priority issue for the Dev. One would expect a person to know if they were subbed or not.

@Scarlett_LaBlanc I haven’t played in 3.5 years. You are right. WAY to much drama and your have managed to slip in a snarky comment. Please go away.
And yes, I know I’m not subscribed. I simply asked about EveMon showing me as such.
Read and comprehend.

I guess what you called my “snarky comment” could be construed that way, but then you did not care for @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode input either.

Fly safe friend.

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