Alpha clone cloaking

If a group cant handle supercaps showing up suddenly in their system how is it their system?

Some may rent. Some may operate in NPC null. Some may diplo with their neighbors for non-aggression. It doesn’t matter how they are able to be there, the fact remains that you can’t treat null as only belonging to the biggest coalitions and balance it around that idea.

Why not?

… I’m done with this conversation. The fact that you ask that is just not even worth responding.


I don’t understand why you say that. But thanks for your time anyway :slight_smile:

Just to summarize, Alphas shouldn’t have cloaking because there would be cloaked alphas afk all over null then. This is bad because people wont know if its actually a black ops waiting to drop super capitals on you. The reason this is a problem is because null sec should be for people who cant defend against hot drops and questioning that is bad but no reason was given why

If you’re too poor to afford a cloaky camper alt, then you don’t get one, please cry harder.

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Wise move.

Wesfahrn has a habit of spamming really bad ideas, and he expects everyone to praise him, and validate how amazing he thinks they are, and blindly follow them.

I agree, but not on the basis of afk cloakies sitting in null. I see null as highsec. 2.0.

But rather that alphas are trial accounts and should have extremely limited access to ships and modules.

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