Cloaks For Alpha

Why don’t alpha toons have cloaks it seems weird. Why bother unlocking Asteros for alpha players without Covops cloak? I have had a OMEGA account for two months already. I’m not asking for myself.

Because no one wants massive numbers of free accounts cloaky-camping null sec. It’s already bad enough with the paid accounts doing it.

An Astero in high sec does not need a cloak. And if you go elsewhere, learn to fly your ship properly and don’t rely on the cloak.


Alternatively… sub for the cloak.

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Above replies are correct. Cloaks were deliberately left off the freebie skill list because cloaks are an incredibly powerful tool that can’t be free or it would be abused.

I subbed a long time ago it just seems odd that all non exploration profession got an alpha boost in the coming update but exploration got nothing. What potential abuse could come from it?

Can we get an official Forum Category for ppl to post complaints about their free ■■■■ not being good enough? What would the category name be?

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Winos in space.

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I don’t get why people are complaining that alphas need more. I personally don’t like alpha accounts and feel the trial was enough. But people seem to get something for free then complain that they want more for free lol

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