Can an alpha pilot an astero?

Is it possible?

Yes, but you won’t be able to use it to the full extent of it’s capabilities. For example, you won’t be able to use a cloak…


Being an alpha is already a disadvantage XD

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Covert Cloak is never needed if you dont leave high sec.

It is good for avoiding gate campers in low sec.

I dont know, but maybe you can use MWD and cloak trick on alphas too, just with usual cloak, not covert.

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yea alpha toons have some disadvantages but you can do a lot
some say alphas can do too much for free
some say alphas cant doo enough for free
i say alphas can use too many things for free

anyways … if you want to enjoy EVE with all possible things you need to have an omega clone


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Yup I’ll get a sub soon

Alpha can’t use cloak tho
And I usually do WH so… Yh

possible but ill advised.

the cloak is pretty much the reason to fly an astero over a tristan, or an ishkur.
training wise you can have a new (omega) character cloaking and scanning inside of a week(ish) with normal training
so its one of the first ships you can really leverage as a new player if you can afford it.
only if you can covops cloak, without that its a crap, expensive tristan.

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If you fly the Astero to a trade hub, there’s a good chance the local gankers will take a shot at it.

They are, after all, the go-to ship for poking around wormholes.

Fun story: somebody was crazy enough to shot my empty Echulon that I just orbited around Jita 4-4, but when I moved Astero full of PLEX back when you had to put it in cargo, nobody was there to gank it. :joy:


Back to the original question.
Yes, you can fly an Astero - current price at Amarr 57m ISK plus fittings. A very pretty little ship with pretty price tag.
And that’ll be your problem.

They are always fitted with a Covert Ops. cloak. This enables them to warp while cloaked. Indeed, if ever anyone sees an Astero, then the Astero pilot is doing something wrong. They are highly tempting target: a guaranteed 60m+ killmail against a hard to track and catch target that could easily be carrying five times that value in its hold.
Unless you can fly it cloaked, which you can’t as an Alpha Clone, then you are carrying a lot of risk. Whether you are happy with that is ultimately your decision.

As a question in return: why do you want to fly an Astero?
If it’s for exploration, then a T1 exploration ship, such as a Magnate, is almost as effective and currently you can buy a hundred to the cost of one Astero. You can afford to loose it.
If it’s for hunting, then there are a lot of more effective ships than an uncloaked Astero. T1 Destroyers basically.
If it’s because “it’s pretty” - that’s subjectve. If you’re Minmatar, then anything is prettier; but they don’t have the wits to appreciate it.

T1 ships are good to learn in before investing in something relatively expensive with “kill me” written on it.

As the discussion wandered on to Alpha Clones…
Eve isn’t “free to play” but rather “has an open ended and generous free introduction” - if you want to go beyond that, then you need to subscribe by some means.
As Alpha Clones gain full engagement in the single sand pit that is Eve in its full social, military and economic glory, then there has to be a lot of care over how disruptive they are to the environment. The ban on multi-boxing and the unavailability of the specialised and highly effective niche ships and capabilities prevents disruption of the military / operational aspects. Restricted industrial and market capabilities (including limits in mining rate) prevents disruption of a well balanced economy.
If you like Eve and want to go a long way down the rabbit-hole, you really should pay CCP for it (directly by cash or indirectly by PLEX) to ensure it continues rather than freeloading.

Cynically, Alpha Clones main role is as consumers in the economy and their skills are balanced around consumption not creation.


You can fly a neat bait Astero, don’t need a cloak for that, just friends or alts who decloak next to you and deal with whoever took the bait.

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Because it’s a pretty ship…

Looks pretty on killboards too. :wink:


I can understand wanting to fly a pretty ship,
Just be aware of the risks of it getting scuffed.

Flying something you want to fly is good.
Be wary of getting too attached to it.

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More , caught, skinned, taxidermied and mounted on someone’s mantle.

I totally agree with this. The ultimate goal of EVE should be to enjoy yourself. If you want to fly something for whatever reason, go for it and enjoy.

I agree with all of the comments here so far about the risks involved since an Alpha can’t take full advantage of all of the items needed to keep it safe, so do be aware that you will be taking this out with a greater risk of losing it.

But, there is something to be said for doing something because you can and you want to, not because it’s ideal. Like the guy running L4s in a combat frigate, the Battle Skiffs running event sites, or any number of off the wall things people in this game do, do what you enjoy and have fun :slight_smile:

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Slight scuffing -Use the ‘Clean Ship’ function.

A bit more wear and tear -repair it.

Heavily scuffed - salvage time.

–Scruffy Nerfhearder Gadget


they can, along with the stratios and nestor, although Alphas can’t use cloaks the scanning and hacking bonuses are nice
edit: although it has nice bonuses compared to the t1 exploration frigates, that bonus doesn’t look very worth while once you consider the cost and the fact people will want to kill you more than they already do and without a cloak there is a massive risk factor

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