Can alpha clone use faction ships

I was reading eve university wiki, and came upon the faction ships. I know alpha clone cant fly t2 ships but I dont know if they can fly faction ships. e.g. imperial navy slicer. I check on eve uni and didn’t find detailed about it. please help thanks.

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It’s been a log time since I was Alpha but I believe this to be true e.g. Alpha can now fly an Astero.


If you look at a ship or item you can check the information tab and look for the ‘Omega’ symbol for Omega required status. image

This Assault Frigate requires Omega.

The Imperial Navy Slicer does not, and Alpha can fly it.

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okay, never noticed that feature before. so I guess I can fly any faction ships. thanks.

Yep that’s why Gila and Orthrus are that expensive :wink:
But it looks like prices went down the recent months. Enjoy!
Happy shopping:

so how much of a advantage I get if I use faction ships instead of normal ships? e.g. crucifier vs imperial navy crucifier? does the price worth it?

Depends on skills and experience.
T1 ships are there to learn and lose, but after a while you can finish the SoE Epic Arc in a Daredevil - so yes, they are definitely better, but how many ISK better is your very personal point of view. Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. These are blinky ships which can explode as good as cheap ships.
Example: Many many many Destroyed Gilas

But it’s definetly fun to fly faction ships :wink:


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