Best 20M Alpha PVP ships

(Podo Khamsi) #1

Alpha wanting to work towards best PVP ships of new skill cap. Want stands out as the best Alpha ships?

(Makshima Shogo) #2

Navy vexor / Orthrus / stratios, it just so happens these ships are close to best on omega as well :stuck_out_tongue: outclassed only by T3 Cruisers / Command ships / maruaders and maybe the odd Hac such as the deimos, cerb.

(Podo Khamsi) #3

Thanks Stratios is a surprise. Any suggested fits

(Dark Engraver) #4

Gila orthrus phantasm,navy slicer,garmur,worm,scythe fleet issue,omen navy issue,fed navy comet in general most of the faction stuff.

(Makshima Shogo) #5

Don’t really use drone ships :stuck_out_tongue: so not able to help you on fits, all I know is when i’m doing exploration and one de-cloaks next to me, I find my self in the position of needing new pants.

(system) #6

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