T II Rookie Ships

I for one am interested in seeing Rookie Capsuleers make the most out of their Alpha Clone. I therefore suggest that Alpha Clone Capsuleers be given the opportunity to fly T II Rookie ships such as the Velator in TII format.

Giving them the opportunity to fly a TII Rookie ship will hopefully coax them into wanting to fly TII ships in an Omega Clone.

But if not and they choose to stay in their Alpha Clone then they will certainly rise to the top of their Alpha Clone status in being an Elite Alpha Clone.

Rookie ships are technically T zero.

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I assume this is just a troll post but if it isnt then why is a T2 corvette better than a faction battleship?


T2 corvette can fit a doomsday, that’s why


That would do it !!!


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The problem with the alliances in Eve Online is that that are jealous of any new ships that would benefit the Rookie Capsuleer because they did not have the same advantage.

Those in business know that each new wave of technological achievements is designed and meant to eradicate the older generation so that when the younger generation occupy the old generation they too become weak and easy to eradicate with the newest technology - Sansha


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I believe a the outcome of a match in one of the more recent Alliance Tournaments was decided by an ECM Ibis.

Corvettes are too OP, rookies should start with shuttles.

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This is absolute bull, as an older player I’d rather see alpha’s being able to do more tasks so they have more incentive to keep playing, as an older player that has invested a lot of time and money over the years I would want to see eve keep growing, rather than worry about something silly like that.

Here is something to remember, we had much less toys to play with, which lead to innovating new approaches and used to be much more interesting than bringing a “monitor” into the game or a gank boat for gate camps or another boat for the uncreative ones or a pve boat for poor babies that cannot deal with zee ebil electronic warfare from zee ebil NPCs.

Yea innovation is always great :] anything that promotes it is a good thing, as long as its not restrictive.


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