Alpha only filaments

The new 2v2 cruisers filaments is a great idea, but alpha accounts will still get crushed by omega. Would be great to have alpha only filaments to ensure new players or other alt accounts get a fair fight. And bring the concept down to 2v2 T1 frigates and/or destroyers. Could also expand to alpha PvP zones.

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The solution is for Alphas to upgrade to Omega. Fortunately, it is very easy for Alphas to make enough ISK in a very short period of time through casual gameplay to buy enough PLEX to upgrade to Omega. All you need is the knowledge to know how and/or a group that will empower you to make money as Alpha (though this can be done solo).

Lol. OMG that is hilarious. People who pay nothing for the game want CCP to give them special treatment.


Meh. Occasionally it’s worth tossing Alphas a bone. This isn’t one of those times :no_entry_sign:

There should be alpha only ships.

Instead of Corvettes, Omegas should get Executioners/Condors/Atrons/Slashers :crazy_face:

When I see a Praxis, I am never 100% sure it is an Alpha, but I always suspect it.

Pull up Corvettes in Pyfa… scratch your head… “why don’t I have one of those?”… maybe there should be Alpha vs Omega Corvettes… then we can Corvette PVP for REAL…

:muscle: vs :mechanical_arm:

It has always pissed me off that the Gallente corvette had more drone space than the others.

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Corvettes need to be buffed now that they no longer strike fear into the hearts of LS/NS residents as cyno lighters.

Some guy on these forums proposed a T3 corvette a few months ago. People made fun of him.

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I mean we need t2 corvettes first before we speak on t3 :wink:

That took, what? two days?

What is a PvP zone?

It’d be good to give alpha accounts a taste.


  • nerf the rewards , but show alpha BOTH reward tiers so they know what they’re missing
  • cap the participation i.e. limited attempts a day vs unlimited runs for Omega accounts. Each time they complete one, show how many they have left.
  • allow them to elect facing off omega accounts for slightly better rewards at more risk

The core mechanics are already built. Just throw some filters on for tournament matching. Good content retain players. It’d be smart to use this as another tool to retain them.

Thank you for the one constructive comment so far.

I pay for the game, but feel it’s important to give new prospective players a chance not to get blapped 90% of the time and just walk away.

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