Improve alpha clone damage!

rookie ships should have a full 500% damage increase to make the game fairer for alpha clones

Fair? Fair? There is no fair in EVE!



Tell us why CCP should encourage people to not pay for the game.

You know many colleges have stand alone classes on logic and rational thought processes that you can just pay for and take?

This is dumb, even for you.


I assumed this post was trolling, but just in case it isn’t… Why do you think rookie ships do such low damage? They’re free to replace, so if they could come anywhere near the performance of built/purchased frigates they would make such ships pointless. Rookie ships are meant to basically be a slow shuttle with a gun.

At most I could see them updating some of the civilian modules that come stock on the rookie ships, like stocking the drone bays with civilian drones that are weaker than regular light drones, bring back civilian blasters, civilian rocket launchers, etc. and include civilian armor/shield rep modules. Again, even if the civilian modules are weaker versions, even this might be going too far in strengthening rookie ships to the point of stepping on tech 1 frigates’ toes.