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First of all, despite my discomfort, I just want to express a point of view.

Right now, i play eve casually (you know, other games out there, not so much time), therefore i am an alpha player. I paid a lot for this game already, and this game is pretty old, we all know, so…

I am ok with Omega restrictions to some Ships, specifically the hardcore or endgame ships like Nightmare or Tech II ships.

The recent changes that allow you to use some battleships are really a good idea! (although I only use cruisers since I usually do combat sites / exploration in low sec) BUT… I really hate not getting a skill benefit bonus that I had already trained when i paid for omega time, like Amarr cruiser V. In fact, I would not mind paying for an omega account from time to time just to get some skills trained and then enjoy these skills bonuses while on alpha, since, anyway, there are omega restrictions to the use of ships and therefore even if you have the skills requisites you can’t fly them.

I understand that this model is necessary for skills such as trade or PI but it just make you SAD when you can already fly a ship (no omega restriction ship) and you can’t even get the full benefit from skills (you already trained) being even more penalized.

Oh, and i want to report a ux issue related to the omega warning in the skill training UI.
When a skill isn’t allowed at all (not even level 1) the UX message says: Requires omega to USE.
When a skill only allows to level 3 or below says: Requires omega to TRAIN until level 3.

The message should be “Requires omega to TRAIN and BENEFIT until level 3”.

Restrict the use of ships. Okay.
Restrict skill training. Okay.
Do not benefit from skills you trained in omega when you already pilot a omegaa restricted ship. Too severe.

So I guess you also think you should be able to use a cloak as an alpha since you trained it as an omega? Nope. Subscribe or plex like the rest of us.


It would be nice of course, but is not the exact same thing i exposed.
Using a cloak is an entire feature, not getting the benefit of my already V amarr/gallente cruiser skill is a +10% bonus loss to say, drone damage when flying an arbitrator or vexor ship.

Perhaps the restriction should be checked to the use, in this case, when trying to fit the cloak module (in other cases ie ships usage when trying to make them active). Instead, looks like they use the skills levels alone to check everything you are allowed to, therefore alternatively you also miss the statistics bonuses from skills, the statistics bonuses of tech 1 ships because the skills, and i just think you are nerfed on too many levels even after you already trained those skills while in omega.

I know many people will say, pay and keep quiet or play the way ccp want. I’m just trying to imply that they are different cases, and in this case it bothers me and I may never pay for omega (or even play) while with the method that I have exposed I would not mind paying from time to time full moth omega just to train skills to a certain level that are omega only.

You can use all skills you have trained already by going omega and selling all the sp you train after that. What’s the problem?

These two are connected in a way that cannot be separated. There is no in-game flag for use ship X or not, it’s only by looking at the trained skills to unlock ships or modules. The only existing way to restrict the use of ships or modules is to remove the benefit from the skills you already trained. To do this CCP would have to go through the whole list of skills and say for one allow all levels, for another allow some levels, and for another allow no levels. Wait, they already did this, it’s called the new Alpha skill list. :slight_smile:

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Do you feel you’re not getting your $0/month out of the game?


i don’t think so, i have all the requisites to fly a Nightmare and i can’t, omega only.

You might want to check that again, maybe it’s a fitted module? The Nightmare is not listed in-game as “Requires Omega”, in-fact not only should an Alpha be able to fly it, they could even get a level 1 mastery.

Even the ship tree shows the Omega logo after the Nightmare, not before it.

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You were right, the omega icon is placed almost inside the ship icon and that confused me, only Vindicator and Nightmare ships in the ship tree have that weird missplaced icon.
Then mi whole post is pointless since I thought there were restrictions on the ships themselves, unless they change the system to flag ships and modules… and i do not think they will make such a change.

Glad I could help out. And yeah, the ship tree graphics are all messed up for the pirate factions: Omega symbols in a strange place or missing altogether.

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I can see what you mean.
If you went omega and trained cruiser V, you lose this trained level when going back to alpha. Because an alpha can only train cruiser IV. You suggest that this bonus should still apply.

To be honest i dont think it would be a good idea and i find it better the way it currently is.
The way you suggest someone would go omega, train the skills that he need to V and will keep the full bonus. It would be to much (imo).
On top an alpha would suddenly have access to far over 100 million skill points, if all allowed skills would work up to level 5.
It would lower the value of the Daily injector as well. Because going Omega would suddenly be way better.

Currently the system with the Omega icon in game works really well. All items that you cannot use as alpha have this icon and orange border. So you can see really fast if you can use an item or ship or if you cannot use it.

As an alpha you have access to all T1 non capital ships (minus the T1 mining barges and freighter) if i remember right.
And this include all pirate frigatte, cruiser and battleship. This is already quite a big list of ships.

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