Alpha clone faction re-balance, when?

(A bad Man) #101

Lore-wise, there’s been a certain amount of Caldari influence contaminating the Amarr ship line thanks to the Khanid, hence why certain ships are missile platforms.

(Kueyen) #102

From EVE Vegas, coming to Tranquility towards the end of the year:

  • Faction lock-in is gone!
  • T2 small and medium weapon systems!
  • Battlecruisers!
  • Battleships!
  • Total set of alpha skills will be slightly over 20M sp; to compensate, alpha training stops when you reach 5M sp. You want to train beyond that, become Omega (or buy injectors).

(Inir Ishtori) #103

Breddy kool :psyccp:

P.s: thinking about plex prices next year, ahaha … easily around 10 billion? :gentlemanparrot:

(Kaivarian Coste) #104

This news is hell awesome. It should make alphas viable in solo PVP for once. :smiley:

(Cypherous) #105

Alpha incursion runners, seems good to me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jaquan Wessette) #106

Doubt it would happen. At least not with TVP requirements. Doubt alphas will be able to meet those in any reasonable time. Still changes don’t seem too bad.

(Cypherous) #107

I dunno, TVP will accept faction fits, the removal of the faction lock means access to faction BS aswell so its possible to have an alpha character run, i mean my mach has barely any T2 on it outside of the guns, the rest is all deadspace T1 gear, it won’t be optimal but it would work, not to mention TVP isn’t the only fleet that runs and someone could start an alpha level community easily enough

(Jaquan Wessette) #108

Well, we’ll see. I am relatively optimistic about it. In the end, I never truly thought that limiting what Alpha can do is the key to achieve increased subs. And it’s not like Omegas will become obsolete since they still have access to a lot of gear and tools alpha even after change won’t be able to get.

(CowQueen MMXII) #109

And allowing Alphas to use more stuff is helping subs how?
It will most likely raise the player numbers at first and maybe even raise sub numbers by a little through those who want to use more than 5mio SP of those 20mio SP limit. However, I really can’t imagine how this should lead to more subscriptions in the long term. Quite the opposite, lots of players might drop down from Omega because the new Alpha capabilities are sufficient for their gameplay.

What I find truly astonishing is how CCP finds again the laziest and least inspired method to “balance” something. To me this just looks like a way to mitigate dropping player numbers and get through the next year.

(Jaquan Wessette) #110

Increasing number of options isn’t equal with giving them out for free. First of all they also added limit of 5M SP that you’re able to train for free. Anything beyond that you’ll either need to get Omega, buy training time or use Skill Injectors. Any of those options means extra cash in CCPs pockets. There’s also fair chance that those who get omega for that purpose will decide to stay Omega for QoL improvements like faster training time and no limit of maximum training time you can put in your queue. Also, in the end you still just get a taste of power. There is still lot more to gain as an Omega. Yes for some people enhanced alpha will be enough. But alpha is no longer trial mode. It’s a new play style that stays viable in long term. True may be enough for some. But may also convince some people that they want to get deeper.

(CowQueen MMXII) #111

The gain is significantly less than it is now and, as I said above, the loss from dropping down is also significantly less. Both results in overall less reason to go Omega beyond the need for some initial boost.
And this initial boost is not even really needed as you could for example now do lvl 4 missions within the 5m SP limit and just buy the remaining SP as injctors for Isk when you have some to spare.

(Salvos Rhoska) #112

For real?


(Scipio Artelius) #113


Watch from 2:26:28:

(Alderson Point) #114

There will be a lot more plex purchased through account management, so in theory it should have the opposite effect, but if course while speculators have free citadel buy orders, and can manipulate the price without any cost, then they will try to ensure that will be the case.

Of course the little line referring to a citadel brokerage fee “tax” in the CSM minutes may well mean that the speculators will actually have to pay to manipulate the market? Seems fair.

I actually see the price of plex stabilising under 2m, once the speculators lose the opportunity to put up free Plex walls.

I wonder when they will implement this, and whether they give any additional warning, if oeople haven’t been paying attention, someone is going to end up holding a LOT of overpriced Plex.

(Alderson Point) #115

Remember, with the lifeblood expansion, there will be a lot of shared PVE activities in HS other than just incursions, a LOT of Alphas will love to fly a battlecruiser or battleship in those.

It is an almost guarantee, of more income for CCP, a more engaged “casual” community, more incentive for old players to come back and do something, more people in space, and more for people to do, and do together.

It seems like a really imaginative and exciting Idea, which will result in a stronger game with a LOT more going on, and the extra income, will lead to more development resources being available, and a better game wherever one is.

(Spc One) #116

T-2 small and medium weapon systems …
Does that include t-2 small and medium drones ? as gallente ships mostly rely on drones.


(Garen Lemmont) #117

This is FANTASTIC news!

Can’t wait to train a slew of AFK null-VNI’s to blot out the SUN!!


(Ian Morbius) #118

In Decmember, a true cornucopia waits for us all. There is a lot of fun in those t1/t2 hulls.

Good news CCP Games. Keep it going.