Why are alphas faction locked?

Seriously. Any character you want to throw on the backburner for a while can suffer because of a poor decision made in the past.

When I and some friends got into Eve a long time ago, we all rolled minmatar. I’ve been happy with my decision but others favored other race ships. We’re omega right now but whenever we take a break some of us can’t even fly to our playstyle. Tbh, it makes them want to play less, which tends to make them less likely to resub.

It’s a pretty poor design decision and kind of bad for business. Amarr pilots especially who take a break are pretty likely to just say meh and just stop logging in…


I agree, it’s dumb. Alpha players can create four accounts, with one different race per account, to overcome this arbitrary restriction. It’s pointless and frustrating.

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This is nothing. Problem is that they don’t have same skills per fraction and for ex gallente is much overpowered.

My gallente alpha has gnosis with 800-900 dps. Trying build fit for amarr was hard to get 300 dps with basic skills.

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Alphas with multiple racial skills suddenly gain access to pirate cruisers (Stratios, etc) which require more than one racial skill. I imagine some of the decision to racially lock them was to keep that content walled off.


Mr. Que is most likely correct.

Can you imagine alpha clones with access to that kind of power. I am struggling to fly around in my Probe, and I am an omega.


But we need option to chose also after creation of character. So we can chose better faction for our tasks without wasting SP. Something like one time change possible in first 1-2 weeks.

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A “faction” change token could be an item sold for Plex, that would be interesting.

But honestly a little research before you create your toon would have saved many people a lot of head aches.

I mean I love missiles, guns, and drones… what did I go Minmatar… 10+ years ago. I am leaning away from missiles and starting to use artillery more. So call it a coming of age thing.


There’s a point to that… faster training. You can train each account simultaneously for free.

Sounds like the problem is with factional balance itself, and not the Alpha restrictions.


If you are a new player, you can easily make one of each, in fact, you should make at least a few characters (one for combat, one for industry, maybe a different one for FW since pvp isn’t quite the same as pve).

The only real use case for picking your faction is for people who have been omega and trained into (and developed their play-style around) skills others than their faction’s. But for them, the point of alpha state as far as CCP is concerned would be much more about being able to log in and check what their corp/friends are doing so they get tempted to resub, not really about keeping them as alphas. Allowing returning omegas to pick their faction so they can more comfortably not sub would be counter-productive so it seems unlikely.

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So you simply lock pirate stuff with the Omega tag requirement. Problem solved.

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500+ shield tanked

There is an alpha ship/ skill rebalance comming so it might adress some of the issues. Like gallente being the only option.

One of the reasons might be to give more incentive to sub, another to lock out pirate cruisers

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The limiting factor for the average player isn’t skills. It’s cost. So what if you can fly a pirate ship, if the cost is prohibitive? People can already abuse multiboxing as is. The real risk of alpha spam is if they can fly highly specialized ships or take part in industry and logistics. Flying a faction cruiser with partial skills honestly isn’t THAT big of a problem.

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Not necessarily. They could be perfectly balanced but if I enjoy lasers but rolled Minmatar 10 years ago I’m still screwed.

Roll another toon then.

A person that currently pays $0 (nothing) to CCP doesn’t have much of a case to demand extra privileges above what they currently get.


And a “long time ago” you couldn’t log in at all when taking a break. You can do that now, you can socialize, participate in some way. There must be some incentive left to actually pay for the game.

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If you have been playing for 10 years, whats the point of going alpha? purposely limit yourself? naah, its most likely because you are taking a break from eve, which means you wont be playing anyway, so there is no issue tbh.

Alpha state was never ment to be a permanent clone state, its for the periods of time you dont have either the isk or RL money to pay for sub, or as an extended trial version for new players, to get them hooked.
Just be thankfull that you can actually play without paying now.

All I can say is, pvping against an alpha is no fun. They literally die within seconds, even when I’m flying an under-classed ship (e.g. frig vs destroyer).

I’m an alpha for the time being, because I don’t have the time to really make subbing worth wild, but the alpha state keeps eve in in my mind and keeps me interested in the game, and train up all the core skills that I were weak in.

I left eve years back and probably wouldn’t have even thought about eve if I never heard about the alpha state. I plan on subbing when I get a chance to make it worth it to me.

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Make an amarr alt on a separate account. Create a contract giving the alt skillbooks and starting isk. Train the alt, club If when needed.

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