Does race really matter?

I’m just getting past the tutorial and I am about to go Omega so I want to start my main toon.
I understand we can train for any races ships and can increase factions but is there a reason to go for any particular race?
I’m not finding anything that seems to say one race is better but I just wanted to double check before I create it.
Thanks in advance.

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Race mattered in the distant past when learning skills and different initial attribute setups were a thing, but today they are just cosmetics for lore-savy people. After the meat grinder that is EVE PVP/PVE/player interaction, you look all the same: triturated. :slight_smile:


Not really. The only difference is the part of space that you start in and the skills that you start with and gain during the tutorial.

Other than that, you can do whatever you like for whoever you like.


A little bit. For an Alpha, you have a limited SP cap. If you start with racial skills you don’t want and will never use, they still count towards that SP cap. Other than that, race affects the NPC corps you’ll be in when you’re not in a player corp and your starting location, plus the intangible aspects associated with those. Some of those things matter to some people more than others, but as far as hard mechanics, it’s the SP difference and that only affects Alphas.

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Good point about the SP cap, I hadn’t thought about that.

Really only for looks, lore, and faction warfare now.

Isn’t the skill cap dependant on the number of SP you can get from all the skills on the alpha skill set (with given alpha levels of the skills)? I don’t think it is an arbitrary number that you can fill with random alpha skills.


Gallente is best hands down!Also FREEDOM

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The cap is 5m SP in total from all skills that an Alpha can train. So, as @mkint mentions, it’s a small impact, but since each race starts out with slightly different skills, there is the possibility that some of those “default” skills from a given race will contribute towards that cap in ways the player might not prefer or use.

In other words, if a player starts as Amarr, they will have some of those basic ship skills that might be considered to be wasted once they hit that SP cap if they never fly an Amarr ship.

It’s a pretty small impact, and I don’t think it matters all that much, but it is a legitimate difference to potentially consider.

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The funny thing, even though yeah, it’s pretty legitimate, I consider the intangibles far more important. I wonder if I’d have started my main as Amarr instead of Intaki if I’d have even stuck around as long as a week. I got lucky and started with the best of the schools (CAS), got lucky and found a growing corp pretty quickly, got lucky and got wardecced early, got lucky and found a decent alliance, etc, etc. It’s not stuff you can plan for, but I can’t imagine my EVE career playing out any other way.

factional warfare

Sadly no, race doesn’t matter at all in Eve. It did briefly when alpha clones were tied to their racial ship types. But CCP did away with that.

Eve needs more racism. There is this deep and fantastic lore that was lovingly crafted by someone- and goes utterly ignored by CCP. Indeed, even now with new features or content there is a new (always human though) threat to introduce it rather than look to the volumes of lore already in the game.
It should matter what race you choose, and also what happens in your race’s Factional Warfare content should matter in high sec. This would give players (especially the new players CCP is targeting) a reason to care about what race they are, what space they live in, and even a reason to put down their mining lasers in favor of a railgun to pitch in for the war effort (it is a militia after all).

CCP was on the right path locking alpha clones to their racial ship lines. Not only did it give new players some sense of identity and purpose, but made a lot of sense as incentive to go omega to unlock the other racial ships. I think they made a mistake changing that.


I went omega after a couple of weeks of playing because it made sense but I’m still trying to learn the basics. It’s a fun game but incredible attention to detail required. I think that’s what made me go omega, knowing it’s going to take months just to understand a small part. I wanted the training times reduced so it made sense for me. Alpha was great for figuring out if this was the game for me.

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