Alpha multiboxing Praxis bot fleet

I just leave this here:

As you can see from the fit they are clearly alphas. @CCP_Falcon maybe ban some bots over the weekend? Just kidding! WTH is going on with those bots lately, they are literally everywhere all over highsec now!!

And I always ask people in local why they don’t report them and they say they do, but nothing happens.



Are you sure that they are bots?

Even if they aren’t bots, you can’t multibox Alpha accounts…


But that is a different issue.

The OP said that they are clearly alpha but are they? How does the OP know that? How does the OP know they are bots, if others have reported them and nothing done then they cannot be bots. I have to ask is it more to do with the inability of said OP to gank them and an extreme level of salt that they have out played the OP?

I am the White Knight and I am coming for all gankers.

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Almost every single one of the Praxis toons were created on the same date and are in the same NPC corp. The Orcas are ran by players with 11 to 12 years in-game. Highly suspect to say the least…

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As I mentioned in the op, the fit is clearly usable for alphas. If those where omegas it would look most certainly different. This is why the picture has a big scan window in the middle that shows the fit.

I’m not 100% sure those are bots, but it is just very very likely. The bots I mentioned that got reported and still are around are other bots and I did kill them and they had some pretty odd behaviour which makes it 99% likely they where bots in my opinion.

Yes I did not have the firepower and time to assemble a fleet to remove some of this particular Praxis fleet just now. But if this is a common sight I will come up with a solution and they will die. But in the end botting is the problem CCP has to solve and not the players


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These are likely alpha accounts, which means the player is likely breaking the EULA once. That it’s then 14 BSs with relatively small cargoholds and all mining into an Orca / freighter is either a pretty tedious handjob (to move the ore from ship to ship) or it’s done with macros or even a bot. And when players break the EULA once will they likely not stop at breaking it twice or three times while they’re at it.

So the chance is high. It’s still possible it’s not, but why mine in a BS when one can mine in a Procurer or a Skiff as Omega?


I suppose couple of thousends of accounts needs to be banned. Like always in timespan of few months. Best leave it to CCP, because who if not they? We can only report. They judge.

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This is turning into lineage 2

Not sure what indicates bot like activities, I have seen far worse copies of characters made for Burn Jita that are exactly the same in name and appearance and creation time. I have seen worse. But when in doubt, report. It’s better to err on the side of caution, bots will not make EVE Online a better place to play.

Only four miner II’s on a Praxis, are you sure this is a bot?
What happens when you try to dumpster them, do they shield rep each other?

I’ll just leave this here:

Whilst I didn’t remain unsubbed, it would be remiss to leave here without at least saying “I told you so”.

What is the reaction if you shoot one of them? Does it just stay there, warp out, do they all warp?
Do they make kill rights available on you?
Do they react differently if you warp on grid after shooting them? Curious if they update standings…
Do any ships use mining drones, or combat drones?
What happens when the belt is depleted, do they fleet warp or warp individually?
Do they dock at NPC station or player-owned structure(s)…?
Do they respond to chat in local or private?
Have you tried bumping?

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The remote shield booster in the high slot makes me curious

Lots of questions, but most players who break the EULA this way will possibly never have read it or otherwise know about it. Many games do allow macros and the use of multiple accounts and it’s EVE Online, which stands out. It becomes easy to make this mistake. Of course, ignorance is no excuse.

There are two potential issues here, multiboxing alphas and/or botting.
I am concerned about the latter.

Not tried anything at all since I had to log soon after I discovered them. But @Lawrence_Lawton kickt them in the balls and managed to destroy a few of them with the the whole fleet warping out only after he smartbombed their faction drones and killed 6 Praxis (Praxi ?).

So they are definitely botting.

He Is our hero :


It’s not uncommon. But it is distracting. This is the level of individual botting, combining automation with economies of scale. Something CCP thinks to be the prima problem.

Put this in perspective to the downstream effects of automated trading, automated logistics, automated farm milking? Peanuts, but easy for CCP to point at and say that individual, and not organised, botting is the problem.

Both are problems. But here’s a thought, considering that CCP is unable to engage on just one of the two challenges, why expect them to achieve results on either.

Only four miner II’s in this scan, but maybe not all of them showed up. If you simulate the fit, you’ll see that even with alpha skills this doesn’t make sense. 3 x Co-Processor II easily leaves enough fitting room for 6 Miner II’s, so it’s probably just a ship scanner issue.

@Ima_Wreckyou good find. It would be interesting to do a cargo-scan before and after they finish a Mining cycle, to see the amount and deduct their skills.

Some people just do weird stuff, but this certainly looks fishy.