Is mining being killing off ...?

Alpha pilot … ? Want to Pvp … ?? no prob her is a Battleship, knock yourself out … o7 have a nice day.
Alpha pilot … ? want to mine … ?? here is a frigit now piss off … go get ganked you carebear.

Is the art of mining being killed off …??

Who wants to mine any more and why would they. There is more isk to be made solo mission running now as an alpha.

Pvp and mission alphas get frig to battle ship with the Navy equivalent to pick from. So why can not the mining alpha get the equivalent mining hull ie Procurer ( cruiser) , Retriever ( battlecruiser) and Covetor ( battleship)


I can’t really talk about the first part, but I think there’s a problem with your ranking of the Mining Barges.

Including their T2 counterparts, Exhumers, both of them are medium-sized ship, like cruisers and battlecruiser. Covetor have the weakest tank, I don’t know if it’s even the same as a cruiser. Procurer can reach a Battlecruiser tank, and Retriever is the one of a cruiser. Only Skiff and Orca can reach a battleship-sized tank.

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They don’t want a flooding of alphas on the Economics. And i don’t know why. Since getting money from bounties is worse then doing them with marketing for the sistem


Mining can be done afk so its a bit dangerous to allow alpha to mine in a good mining ship, imagen someone with 20 accounts afk mining, if they introduced a minigame for mining so that it couldnt be done afk anymore then im sure alpha would be able to use bigger mining ships :slight_smile:


Because alphas were from the beginning meant to be meat bag bullet receptacles, something that people could go into and get their feet wet without getting upset because they weren’t even subscribed, for vets, a good way to throw characters into the fire without reprisals.

Now people want more, I personally don’t care if alphas mine in barges.

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So, Alphas are the only players that mine, huh? Ok…

And the only two mining ships that can even be considered to have a tank are the Procurer and Skiff. Every other mining ship can be nuked with one or two Cats in 20 seconds…

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With some proper skills the venture is very effective, the only issue, ore hold size, but just like days of past, GIANT SECURE CONTAINER, 2 of them + the ore hold of the venture and you got 12,800m3 of ore, come back with a Miasmos and take your ore, depending on what you’ve mined ~1,250,000 ISK.

Not enough, I got three words, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe.


Well mining may become a little difficult since NPCs are in tireless competition of the resources.


Technically you can’t’mine with only two accounts if one of them is an Alpha clone, no ?


The art of mining? It never existed.

There’s no art involved at all. Mining is just a good immortality wasted.

However, if you get ganked, you deserve it. Ganking of mining ships has been declining for the last 2 years and only happens to the stupid, unlucky and AFK (which is a subset of stupid).


But mining is an essential part of the game ? Some players like it because it fuel their industry or the corporation, other simply do it so they can still gain ISK while doing other things in the background.

I use it as a semi passive from of income, so I can gain a bit more while doing Exploration or PI on the other screen.

For the art there isn’t so much, except when you organize a whole mining operation on days in hostile territories, there not a lot to do.

About the ganking, I was never ganked even when flying a Covetor and a Miasmos alt in 0.5, so I can’t really tell.


Sure. Just as essential as other parts, but still a waste of a good play session :blush:

I was half joking, just to draw a raise. If people love mining, more power to them. If they are ganked though, that’s just their own fault.

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I really don’t see mining being killed off simply because it is so limited as an Alpha Clone. I personally would like to see Alphas get Barges

For the Economic Doomsayers concerned about overproduction, I could agree with you IF every Alpha Clone Sub existing now and going forward became a miner. Just look at T2 pricing across ships and modules in past 180 Days. All are rising. Sure, the rate of climb has slowed, prices have doubled or more on many items. I really don’t see adding Alpha miners as threat to the economy as much as a needed reset.

yes Alpha can PVP in a battleship, but good if you want to fight in a BS with just alpha skills because you cannot be competitive vs veteran omega pvp players…

About alpha mining, I agree that allowing barges to alpha would crash the economy as fleets of alts would be created. We don’t need that!

About isk… well, the game is not only about isk or even worse about maximising your isk/hours of play… It’s a game, just do what you want even if you can earn more isk doing Something else…

I would like to know where these AFK mining havens for multiple account holders are. Been playing for a few years, seems I am missing out.

My NPC Toon piloted Mackinaw is certainly safe in Highsec but the rocks have so little that they pop Long before hold is full and must target and shoot another. Really not the AFK action I hoped for.

In LowSec going AFK in Skiff drones deployed aggressive holds off most rats still same problem with Ore rocks pop before hold full

In Null the rocks certainly have enough ore but now you have a real problem with neutrals.

Maybe I have the wrong definition of AFK mining. What do you define as afk mining?


Its illegal to do so, according to the EULA, yes. And its not possible to login an alpha, with your omega or another alpha running. Eve will not allow it.
But people have proven there are multible ways of getting around this, if you really want. It will get you banned if you get caught, but that doesnt stop some people, you know.

I think the biggest concern with giving alphas acces to mining vessels, is the effect on the economy.
With the PLEX and moon goo chances, its pretty safe to assume CCP would like to raise prices on items, t2 items in particular. Otherwise they would have seeded more moon goo in the new minerals, some t2 stuff have almost increased twofold in price.
So it might be the direct opposite of what CCP is trying to achieve.
Its all about supply and demand. Right now thats in a pretty good place, because of alphas helping to blow crap up and the new injection of players and new accounts for old players. People can earn money on industry and manufacturing now. That might change if all alphas could fly barges and exhumers, because there will be an increase in minerals mined and a decrease in minerals used. How much, i cant say tbh.
But it doesnt take much to manipulate the economy.

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EVE massively over produces every item except the officer modules. EVE needs many consumers.


Last miner I ganked for the lack of a mining permit told me he already pays CCP so he can mine. Wonder what your excuse would be…

You can if you own more than 1 computer :], also I wouldn’t rule out software where you can run multiple instances of windows on one computer to have multiple separate eve instances open at the same time.