Is mining being killing off ...?

(Skander Parzival) #21

Yes, but any new player won’t have the Wallet to afford anything. So yeah.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #22

First off… Who says a miner can’t also use a Battleship? It can be a very effective mining platform. 8 mining lasers, mid slots for a shield tank, lows for cargo expanders and mining upgrades.

Look, before logi cruisers became… Well… Logi cruisers, they were mining vessels. If you wanted to progress beyond that but not head down the mining path, you trained for a BS and used it to mine. It worked well enough.

As for why not allow Alpha’s a bigger ship, it could be a marketing thing. Maybe CCP was afraid too many unsubbed omegas would come back as alphas to mine in retrievers.

(Scipio Artelius) #23

How, when only 1 alpha character can be logged in at a time and you can’t log both an alpha and omega on together?

A fleet of 1 isn’t really that big.

(Scipio Artelius) #24

But that is still against the EULA and if discovered, subject to being banned. Most players play the game within the rules and as the rules are designed, you can’t run 2 alphas, nor an alpha and an omega at the same time.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #25

This is true. The same is true of botting, yet it happens. It could simply be that CCP felt giving barges to alphas would encourage more people to skirt the EULA, forcing CCP to spend more resource bot hunting which they do not have nor can spare.

And really, how easy is it to tell the difference between 2 siblings living in the same house with a computer each both playing an Alpha account and shade bob who’s running 2 alpha accounts using old spare computers. There would be ways but does CCP want to spend resource on those ways or is it easier to just say no alpha barges?

(Lugues Slive) #26

Two maybe, but once you get up to the size of a moderate multiboxer the sibling argument goes out the door.

You could say it’s a dorm full of players, but honestly it’s kind of unreasonable to say that a dorm full of gamers would all want to mine in Eve, together, always.

I think the process of determining Alpha EULA violations should be easy for any group over 2 or 3. Especially if the funds always seem to trickle to one account.

(Dark Engraver) #27

OP just get the hell out of highsec you’ll discover those all so hated people in null mine the best stuff with little to no fear,bonus points you’ll get access to mining link boosts from other pilots,tips on what’s best to mine,some groups will buy your ore right there so no hauling and you get access to really good facilities for reprocessing and building.
All you have to do is leave highsec.

(SurrenderMonkey) #28

Mining is definitely a dead activity. Just look at the MER… barely any mining taking place at all!


(elitatwo) #29

Oh especially the Rokh or any other 8 turret hard point boat. But let’s stay with the Rokh, since I did mine in nullsec with mine and you will not be much worse than a barge.

Rokh - can’t stop the Rokh:

  • 8x mining laser II (or meta)
  • 1x large shield booster II, 2x invulnerability field II, em ward field II, 2x large compact pb-acid cap battery
  • 2x cpu upgrade II, 2x mining laser upgrade II, damage control II
  • 2x large capacitor cicuit II, capacitor circuit II
  • Drones: 5x mining drone II, hobgoblin II

And there you go, mining with the barge pilots at around 100m³ less per second than a Procurer, depending your skills. Cap stable while mining and under fire from nullsec roaming battleships.

(William shawn) #30

NPCs are a joke. Just gotta snipe out their haulers and they then roam systems absentmindedly with full cargo.

(Crazy Striker) #31

So your saying that it’s against eula to multi box Omaha also or just alpha

(elitatwo) #32

I meant the regular NPCs, not the mining ones.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #33

It is against the EULA to have an alpha and any other type of character logged in simultaneously.

One has can be multiboxed. However input broadcasting (using some program to transmit one action to multiple clients at the same time) is not allowed.

(Serylda Skor) #34

not for a while. the ore and mineral supply is one of the backbones of the economy so Alphas can only participate at the bottom lvl for now.

mining barges and up are too much power for those players. the changes to the rorqual had a significant impact to that too and for a while (havent checked the numbers).

perhaps there could be a type of mining content that rewards players for moving around instead of staying still in a belt the whole day.

resource wars were supposedly an example of that but the way they are designed and the more or less unprofitable nature of the rewards doesnt make it enticing.

mining missions require you to use larger vessels for the good missions so its not viable in any way unless you use a mining battleship or something like that.

i proposed some kind of exploration tied mining sites but it seems everyone is obsessed with the current mining content and doesnt seem to see other ways to give make it an interesting career.

(Lady Ayeipsia) #35

These exist. Originally they had to be scanned down and were simply better ore (such as low sec ore in a hi sec systen). Now they are cosmic anomalies so no need to scan but they contain better ore.

The problem is, it doesn’t help a new player. To fully benefit you need to be mobile, which works well for a venture. However, you then need haulers to move the ore to trade hubs. A skilled playercpuld easily just use an orca with mining vessels in the hanger to move from system to system chasing these with ease.

The truth is, mining generates isk for little effort. If you want to increase your income in this task, you need to go omega. It’s a business model that makes sense to CCP. It may limit alphas, but that is just how it goes.

(Serylda Skor) #36

yeah that’s part of the discussion in the proposal which goes differently compared to the known ore sites. quality of material over quantity, with the rewards based in rng much like how people do exploration for data or relic sites.

anyways, what i wanted to propose was just an alternative for those that want to make mining an enjoyable activity while not condemning those that like to just warp to a site and relax with their bigger yield, bigger hold vessels.

(Crazy Striker) #37

I find mining as relaxing and would be bored if I didn’t have many accounts all omaga in rorqs always changing drones to new rocks as they explode quickly

(Agondray) #38

yeah not like economics don’t have to do with accruing massive amounts of cash or anything, I just ran a vg fleet for testing and while not quite as fast as a bunch of omegas, they still easily make 1b in a day.

(c4binfever) #40

The ease of automation in relation to mining makes alpha barges unfeasable

(Nevyn Auscent) #41

This thing called the Economic report would like your attention to read it and show some understanding.