Is mining being killing off ...?

(Abyss Azizora) #42

Mining is only being killed off in highsec/lowsec. Mining is becoming imbalanced and outright overpowered in nullsec due to rorqs now being capital mining ships and not just booster/assistance ships. Basically CCP only wants people to mine in nullsec, but leaves worthless mining in highsec to keep from bleeding another couple thousand subs from people who don’t know any better.

(Ima Wreckyou) #43

As it should be. There is virtualy no risk in Highsec without any additional effort other than don’t fit your ship like a fool, so there should be virtualy no reward.

(Nevyn Auscent) #44

Yet there is virtually no risk in null either. The only thing you have to do is watch local. It all depends how you spin ‘risk’ as to what areas of space have risk and what areas don’t.
There is a reason High sec always features as a significant constant source of destruction, because it isn’t as safe as your narrative would like to claim it is.

If you want the narrative of risk, then you should be pushing for more reasons to be in a corp, such as moon mining in highsec being corp ‘owned’ and making anyone outside corp go suspect, since then you have to be in a player corp to ‘safely’ moon mine, yet any player corp by it’s nature can be wardecced. Thus creating the pressures of risk and reward in highsec in a sensible manner.

NPC miners the way they work in highsec do not create such a narrative however. To engage them in an attempt to preserve your belts is pointless, since they respawn, and if you continually engage them all you actually do is end up getting even larger and more dangerous fleets attacking you faster, since the NPC’s can respawn constantly, and will never move to another system because you ganked them 5 times. They also operate 24/7 which means most time zones log on to stripped belts from the NPC’s and don’t even get the (futile) option of trying to fight the NPC’s to save the belts.

Rorquals… Well… CCP painted themselves into a corner with Rorquals. They cost so much they needed to be better, but making them better removed the point for anything else. They needed to do an even more dramatic change for Rorquals, changing how & what they mine rather than simply being a scaled up porpoise/orca. But that would have taken vastly longer to achieve also.

Now as for the Op, there are vastly different reasons why Alpha’s don’t get barges, mainly because CCP are well aware of how easily VM’s & proxies bypass the single alpha restriction, as shown by people already, and RMT industries would build on alpha’s in barges if they could. While alpha’s in Ventures is far less lucrative.

(Ima Wreckyou) #45

Are you just seriously confused about words or what is your problem here?

I mean just take a look at the game mechanics to see how there is clearly a lot more risk in nullsec. Yes, they “only” have to watch local, but why?

Because every neutral is a potential hostile and can kick their teeth in. So they can’t go AFK and have to watch local or their scout network and dock if someone shows up. That is called managing risk. Something which you don’t do in Highsec, because if you fitted a Skiff for tank it would take a whole fleet who sacrifices their ships to CONCORD for at least twice the amount of your ships value (before insurance) to kill you. Such a thing is virtually non-existent, there is absolutely no reason to stay alert if you don’t chose and fit your ship like a fool.

This also means that you can simply block a system by just camping in local. Hence all the cloaking camper threads who regularly pop up. Try that in Highsec. Why doesn’t it work there? Because there is virtually no risk.

So please if you try to participate in the conversation, maybe bring some real arguments to the table instead of your rambling about words that confuse you.

(Abyss Azizora) #46

You also just described nullsec when it comes to mining. Hell there are more mining bots in nullsec than there are in highsec. That should tell you something.

(Ima Wreckyou) #47

Read the post above

(Mei Seung-Li) #48

Do you mean the players? Shouldn’t the market have stalled then if there are billions of statis webifiers sitting in the trade hubs not being sold?

(Fish Hunter) #49

If you look at all the variations of webs on the Jita market there might be 100k units being sold right now. Just the tech 2 has over 4k units on market. One character can make over 300 tech 2 webs per day if they needed to. And this is not a must fit on your ship item. Look at Damage Control II has over 40k units on Jita market for example. One production character can supply multiple pvp characters. I think there’s in the mid 20k ships destroyed every day in EVE and i’ve never heard anyone say the trade hub is out of something.

(Mei Seung-Li) #50

Well if there is this oversupply of everything in the game, shouldn’t minerals be going for like 0.01 ISK? If everyone stopped mining, I wonder how long it would take for everyone to actually run out materials.

(Fish Hunter) #51

Players just stop producing with activities that don’t bring value to them in some way that is why trit for example won’t really go below 4 isk/unit because once it starts to get down there players start to switch up what they’re doing. And yes there are huge stockpiles of especially minerals sitting around and it would take many days for EVE to consume everything.

(Penance Toralen) #52

ahh no. Historically, trit has been below 2isk per unit. That did not stop miners from undocking, mining it and then complaining about it. Besides, trit remains a by-product in many of the null-sec ores high end ores. So, even should hi-sec cease veld mining, null-sec will still be dumping unwanted volume to the market.

The real question is, what is the threshold for rorqual pilot?

(Fish Hunter) #53

its been a very long time since Trit was near 2isk. That was back when the game was new, battleships were the big guys and highsec missions were the main isk source.

Agreed though, at what price point does a rorqual alt stop subbing

(Nevyn Auscent) #54

And when trit was price capped because you could buy shuttles from NPC’s and scrap them if trit got too high priced.

(elitatwo) #55

The base price of tritanium was 1 isk.

(Casteal Toledo) #56

Most Alphas and New bros Dont Know. Never sell the Minerals. Only the Raw Ore. Every HS systems has a Public Citadel right? Maby even 10 of Them right? If they have a mineral processor then they have a compressor online. It takes the same amount of time to fill up your 5k Ore hold in Venture regardless of what type of Ore you mine. So Dealing Raw Compressed ore. Find a System with NO “Catalyst” in it and a public Citadel you can dock in. Mine for 5 hours for the best Truck load (Hint Kernite BTW (Amarr Space Only) Or a rare Ore sig ) Compresses it when you done after 5 Hrs and you will get almost mil Truck Load Thats about 15 mil in a 5 hr period. Leave the Re-processing to the guys that build ships. Since Alphas (I dont Think can train re-processing and New bros generally dont have the skills yet . DEAL in only RAW Compressed Ore. You will make ISK. 1st Rule in EVE " Dont Loose your Ship and Make ISK" Thats 100 percent profit!!! I mean you can Mine . Learn how to use d-scan , watch Local and get to know people, DONT MINE AFK. While your waiting for skills to be trained . Then you can afford the ship your Training into and be efficient in it. EVE is not a Game were you can be at End-Game in a week. FTP MMOs have spoiled us.

(Agondray) #57

that depends on the hubs, ive seen several hubs out of normal items like hardners

(Agondray) #58

wrong, 0.5 caldari too.

(darkestkhan Eriker) #59

Don’t forget porpoise - it can reach somewhere between bc and bs level of tank.

(Hipqo) #60

The over supply is stashed in hangars, for a rainy day.
You can be absolutely sure, the people who do daily 0,01 isk trading, have millions of modules between them. Why put everything up for sale and loose money, when you can control the price and make more money on each module?
When ever someone comes along and throws up hundreds of units on the market, at a much lower price then anything else, everything is bought and resold, to make more isk. So the prices stay inflated, because its basically controlled by a handfull of Jita keyboard warriors, a couple hundred people doing daily margin trading.

As an example, ive befriended one of these 0,01 isk warriors. He has everything, i mean everything!! I can get what ever i want, for a very low price and he has 100’s of billions to buy out what ever he wants, if someone tried to inflate something he doesnt like or he wants to control a certain module’s price. This is just one guy, theres hundreds of these people in jita and the other tradehubs.

(Anderson Geten) #61

source ?