Is mining being killing off ...?

(Hipqo) #62

Join the isk warriors and you will soon find out. Theres no “readable source” or documentation of sorts, theres market manipulation happening every single day, its right there for you to see if you keep an eye on it.
You will be surpriced how many people make hundred of billions from margin trading over time, in trade hubs.

(Anderson Geten) #63

I repeat : source ?

I mean, what is the source that tells at a moment “a handfull” and then “several hundreds” ?

(Sebs Pride) #64

Try rens

(Mingja) #65

Efficient Mining with more than 3 accounts is hardly AFK anymore. The problem is that mining scales too well with N+. Just don’t give alphas the option to use Retrievers/Macks and you won’t see them AFK. I promise :stuck_out_tongue:

The inability to use more than an Alpha at any given time will solve the N+ issue, restrictions on the Ret/Mack will prevent AFK. There you go, solid plan.

Now, we got to fix Virtual maschines…

When a rorqual + pilot is like 300$, this is not really true anymore. Endgame mining in 20 minutes.

(Jeb Ozuwara) #66

i agree

(elitatwo) #67

File Transfer Protocol MMOs???

(violator2k5) #68

how would that work with the people who love to dik ride james 315 with their so called mining permits? because if the ui screen is as big as the one used for project discovery thats a bit to much and would likely give them more kills than they deserve. if it was something like an random number generator activation code checker that pops up at random intervals then that could be good, not only for those who afk mine but also for those who afk for long periods of time or use bots in jita and other systems.

(Nevyn Auscent) #69

Bots can solve most of those.
And it would be infuriating for everyone else. Especially since you can’t afk mine in highsec.
The rocks simply aren’t big enough

(violator2k5) #70

There are plenty of places you can afk mine in high sec, its just people are stuck in certain systems like around major hubs and due to being mined constantly there is little to be mined the following days due to constant activity. if you move further out especially around hek, you’ll see veld stroids almost as big as your fist at least in the normal belts.

Bots cant handle random number generation capture so I’m not sure why you said they can solve most of these.

(Kiddoomer) #71

Isn’t botting mainly being done in nullsec anyway ? not only with carrier but pretty sure with rorquals too

A captcha would only annoy the hell out of the people mining in highsec, making them more risky to being ganked because of their focus shifted from local, d-scan and the multitude of little rocks to switch between often.

(pug lei) #72

Why? It was snarky and out of touch. Killmails dont lie. Almost all the orca killmails are in hisec. 3 out of 4 rorqual killmails are bots. It was refreshing to see that last one btw.

(Mingja) #73

How do you know that? Legitimately curious, how can I spot a bot-rorq by killmail? :slight_smile:

(Johnt Vaille) #74

Here is the same topic:

I think alphas shouldn’t be allowed to use something bigger than Venture. The reason is: current mechanics. Untill there will not be total elimination of botting (even possibility of this) can’t be plans for alphas to use mining barges.

Also Venture is a very good ship.

(Vokan Narkar) #75

Best way to mine - gank miners, steal ore they mined, profit.

(pug lei) #76

For example I saw 3 killmails in a row that were like randompilotname321 randompilotname322 randompilotname323. Those are bots. then finding the same guy(s) over and over.

(Agondray) #77

FTP = free to play.

(Scipio Artelius) #78

Orcas aren’t really used in nullsec in great numbers. They are both too vulnerable, and not as good as a Rorqual, and there is little reason to use one. So the killmails of Orcas is a function of where they are used, because they are the best available mining boosts in highsec. Not elsewhere though.

As to 3 of 4 Rorqual killmails being bots, do you have evidence of that?

(Rin Vocaloid2) #79

Mining is not something I would recommend to an alpha newbro as their first career unless they are fine with it. Mining as an alpha is fine for at least financing their low-sec pvp shenanigans… if they stick to just frigates.

(Mr Lopez) #80

Killing miners in highsec I hate to say may be helping them in the long run. CCP does not want you to mine in highsec. Go to null get more isk/hour and be safer… CCP loves nullsec mining.

(Whitehound) #81

Gankers are trying to kill it for years… But have you seen what happened to the Pyerite and Isogen prices over the last 2 years? Isogen used to be worth more than 100-130 ISKs once. Pyerite used to be worth 10-13 ISKs. Now Pyerite is less worth than Tritanium and Isogen has become almost worthless when you consider how little it is needed in comparison.

If mining was dying then the mineral prices would all go up and not down, because we’d be running out of minerals. Only the opposite has been happening and we are seeing a flood of two particular minerals pouring into the market.

Mining isn’t being killed off. If “alphas” could fly barges you’d be making only less ISKs than you’re already making with the flooding that’s been ongoing.

Frankly, if you wanted to bring back the “Art of Mining”, then you’d have to start with it by disallowing “alphas” to mine at all.