Is mining being killing off ...?

(Loki Orkund) #82

Barges like the Covetor are extremely efficient particularly when paired with a Foreman ship. It’s not much slower than Hulk-class and for a fraction of the cost.

Whilst an Alpha flying a battleship will still lose 90% of one-one flights vs an omega flying the same ship, you’re asking for something that AFK mines at two-thirds of the efficiency of standard T2 Omega mining.

This is a vastly better suggestion for miners:

(Vokan Narkar) #83

Only a fraction of the resources are mined in highsec. The prices and stuff is from nullsec, ever since compress it is extremely easy to export ore from nullsec to jita.

(Gregorius Goldstein) #84

It does not matter what ship you use to mine in HighSec (apart from 23/7 AFK Orcas perhaps). You are still poor as dirt. You don’t step up your mining by getting bigger ships, your first step is to go to where the good stuff is. And once you mine that sweet ABC ore with your freinds it is time to get a bigger ship.

(pug lei) #85

Eh… currently in a 1.0 system mining approx 38 mil an hour with an Orca and Covetor. That would only increase to 51 mil an hour if I was mining Arkanor, 41 mil for bistot, and 39 for crockite. You get more money from better refining, ability to compress, and having a Rorqual. There would be no point to be in a WH or Null and only make 51 mil an hour. And hardly worth risking an expensive Orca in low for that kinda money.

(Random User83) #86

No. I disagree completely. Keep the barges behind the Plex/Pay wall. If they really want they should have no problem plexing or subbing an account if they really want barges. As someone with 10 alts in barges, its REALLY easy to keep them all plexed and manufacter anything I want and sell the leftovers for profit.

Alpha’s get enough already, going omega should be an active goal.

(Cynthia Nixon) #87

I wouldn’t start a thread for it, because I know it’s been argued to death, but alpha clones trying to run mining missions get screwed when agents require ice mining.

I started an alpha clone last week, and within 5 days I hit missions that I just can’t run because of the ice limitation.

(QuakeGod) #88

There are no L1 or L2 ice mining missions, only one L3 ice mining mission, and only two L4 ice mining missions. Alphas will just have to decline those three missions.

(Penance Toralen) #89

Yeah about that. Try choosing a system that has more than one mining agent. When you get locked out by a second ice, switch agents.

But seriously, if you are going L4 mining missions with a Venture. Ore missions will take about 100 minutes solo for the 45,000 m³ volume required. You would be better off doing Courier missions, which would be faster, low attention and more accessible to Alphas. It may require 2 trips at Level 4 and 40,000 m³.

Unless you are doing Thukker? Which is about the best for time vs isk, doing mining missions.

(Imustbecomfused) #90


(Solstice Projekt) #91

Lowsec distribution missions are especially nice. Doing them in a 1600m³ magnate really is a breeze and studying the map helps finding a good spot.

(DrysonBennington) #92

Mining is not being killed off its being attacked so that the large Null Space empires can control mining for their empires profit.

If miners would take a stand and go on a strike for a month nothing in Null space would get done and the Null space empires would rush to buy all of the minerals they could fearing the collapse.

(Scipio Artelius) #93

Have you looked at the monthly State of the Goonion Eve economic reports?

(MinerArt) #94

Just for sake of argument consider that at one point in time I was clearing entire systems of ore by myself and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING changed.

(Kynami Vaille) #95

You might want to look into buying a clue.

Ever since the farms and fields nullsec setup was installed they basically do not need your small time mining at all. The products they do need an abundance of are research materials for T2 production, high end moon goo products also for T2 production, wormhole materials for T3s, skill books and blueprints…

The small pittance of materials the “independent” high sec miners produce is a drop in the bucket. It has completely no impact in comparison to the crazies multi-boxing multiple Rorqs out in high value ore anomalies.

(Mei Seung-Li) #96

So it’s just like real life then? lol

(Kylor Ruels) #97

Alphas cant use mining drones, but yes the rokh mining fit works, only if you can find someone to buy ore in belt or if you can haul it in a miasmos later

(elitatwo) #98

The idea is that you don’t mine by your lonesome. I made that fit back in 2008 when I lived in Vale of the Silent, mining with my corp mates.
They were making fun of me at first because I had no intentions to fly a barge at the time but they stopped doing that when I was just sitting there with a triple battleship spawn on me, tanking it like it was nothing.
Then I was “promoted” to fly into the next belt(s) first.

Anyhow, that doesn’t work anymore because of the aggression mechanics.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #99

Long gone are the golden days of mining a rock in a Rokh.

(DrysonBennington) #100

If mining is being killed off then CCP might as well change the name of the game to Evenite Online and turn each system into a 100 player free for all brawl.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #101

Pretty sure you can only run one alpha at a time even if one account is omega you can’t have an alpha alt logged while the omega is on. I say let the alphas who like mining mine in tech I barges.