Is mining being killing off ...?

(QuakeGod) #102

Alphas don’t have access to mining barges for a good reason. They could simply circumvent the single Alpha login by using a VPN. Then we would have Alpha mining barge fleets all over the place…

Alphas can already mine in battleships with 8 mining lasers. They just refuse to do it because it can’t be AFK’d…

(Sepheir Sepheron) #103

That VPN thing sounds like a CCP problem not a player problem. Make it bannable offense don’t let cheaters ruin what could be fine for the majority of new bros.

(elitatwo) #104

In that case CCP would have to ban 75% of the nullsec population.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #105

Then do so.

(Arthur Aihaken) #106

I don’t think you quite realize the extent and scope of the problem. You’ve got whole alliances (cough, Russians, cough) dedicated to botting in both null and high-sec. This is in addition to the proliferation of macros and other tools to assist ratting.

(Sepheir Sepheron) #107

So fix it.

(Arthur Aihaken) #108

If CCP gives us the tools to issue challenges to bots players would be all over it. Until then, saying “so fix it” is probably one of the most idiotic statements a person could make.

(Anderson Geten) #109

source ?

or just a VM.

(QuakeGod) #110

In Arthur’s defense, every time I see a 16-ship mining bot fleet wiping out an ice anom, it’s a Russian player. Every single time…

(Anderson Geten) #111

how do you know they are bots ?

(QuakeGod) #112

The ships are all named in sequence, such as CTAPuha_001, 002, 003, etc… and they all move at the exact same time. Such as this guy in my home system that I used to see every single day. Haven’t seen him in a while so I’m pretty sure the most recent ban wave got him…

(Anderson Geten) #113

I’ve seen a lot of those people. Yet how do you know they are bots ? Al those behaviour can be explained by someone who has several alts, as I already noticed in null sec from people eating an ice belt with 10+ alts .
And I know 100% he was not bots, as I was helping him move the ice with my miasmos.

(QuakeGod) #114

You can’t control 16 different ships at once at the exact same time without some form of input broadcasting…

(Anderson Geten) #115

yes you can.
Not for 16 lasers at the same time, I agree. But moving, warping, is easily done

(Anderson Geten) #117

you’re telling me you have no idea what IS a bot and instead can’t pas an occasion to let your hate toward russian express.

certain types of conduct are prohibited on the EVE Online forums. These are:


Racism & Discrimination
Hate Speech

(QuakeGod) #118

With 16 accounts, you are either paying $240 a month in sub fees (which is more than some people’s car payment), or you are paying 24 billion ISK per month in PLEX. Either way, for this guy EVE is no longer a game, it’s a full time job. A full time job that only pays if you RMT.

There’s nothing racist, discriminatory, or hateful about it. It’s a simple observation…

(Anderson Geten) #119

why ?
Why making 24B/month is not a game ? Why does it have to become a full time job ? What if I make 24B/month ? What about those occasions I made 3B in one hour ?

Saying that RUSSIAN players ARE bots is discrimination. You can’t accept to push people off the game because you hate russians.

Most (all?) people you thought had a bot behaviour also had cyrilic names. THIS does not mean that russians are bot, nor that bots are only russians.

(QuakeGod) #120

I know that not all Russians bot, and that not all bots are Russian. I simply stated that every mass ice mining operation that I’ve ever seen are ran by Russian players.

(Arthur Aihaken) #121

I’m not discrimnating - I hate all bots and cheaters equally. It just so happens that the vast majority also happen to be Russian and Chinese.

(Arthur Aihaken) #122

When bots and cheating are rampant on Tranquility and have effectively killed EVE off, you and the rest of the SJW snowflakes can explain how extending these players special consideration due to their country of origin worked out for everyone.