Is mining being killing off ...?

(Anderson Geten) #123

that’s false.

All people you THINK are bots also are russians.
Yet you don’t know how many people are botting, nor how many people are russians, so you have no idea of the propension of bots to be russians, nor of the propension of russians to be bots.

Which means your part

is just hate towards russians.

(Arthur Aihaken) #124

What color is the sky in your world?

(Anderson Geten) #125

out of topic.

However your expressing your hate towards russians is on topic.

You calling me a SJW because I point out the flaws of your argument and your lack of logic is on topic.

You are doing the same retard reasoning as Ima and other people on this forum : “I am thinking this so it must be true, and everything I notice can be used to prove it”. No it’s not.
Just because you noted people that looked like bots, and those people had cyrilic names, does not mean that being a russian is a factor for being a bot.

You don’t know how many bots there are. You don’t know how many are russians.

(Arthur Aihaken) #126

Bot lover.

(Anderson Geten) #127

The truth is, you are a hater and only note “russian boters” because you hate them already. If other people than russians would have the same behaviour you would not call them botters.
That’s because you actually have no argument at all, just hate.

You did not make any effort to rationalize your thought, yet think they are the “light of truth”.

You just insulted russians by affirming they are botters .

(QuakeGod) #128

I’m against any and all botters, no matter their nationality. However, when I keep seeing the exact same scenario over and over, it’s more than just a coincidence. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s more than likely a duck…

(Anderson Geten) #129

or maybe you were just looking at ducks looking like, quacking like, etc. it

(Jason Flamerad) #130

If you let alphas use barges, it could ruin the economy. Someone could make 500 alpha clones and mine as much as they want and the prices of items would go down…

(Geoff Mikakka) #131

Remember that alphas are not really entitled to anything. Alpha accounts used to not even be a thing, it is a privilege to be one. You’re pretty much on a trial version. You can make good money using a venture anyways, unless you are veldspar mining in highsec which it seems like you are. Also you don’t really know how mining barges work, they are all about cruiser size, just with different roles. Go out and mine ice, gas, moon goo, or really anything other than highsec ores and you will see that you can make good money in a venture.

(Kiddoomer) #132

Alpha are more meant to be trial without time limit than a limited “normal” account, so there’s that.

Alpha players can go up to level 4 mining missions, true they can’t mine ice, but even then it’s doable fine, I’ve been doing that for multple days (on a single agent), doesn’t have the convenience of a mining barge yes but doable.

Giving mining barge (T1) to alpha, meh, making this ruining the economy is plain lies, 90% of the mining is done in Delve (2017 numbers below), and it’s done in Rorquals, exhumer being used only for the mercoxit :


True that going around VPN and alpha restrictions is a thing, but saying that something can become broken because of a forbidden behavior is like saying mining as it is is bad because of bots, not a valid argument for op here.

I can’t say if I’m for it or not, I’m staying alpha not because I’m discovering the game but because I’m busy irl and with other games, and waiting for interesting features to come out as player’s FOB as example. So I know how mining barge can enhance mining jobs, but I’m pretty sure a Venture is more than enough to get a good idea of how it could be for a omega in a exhumer inside of a fleet.

(NotTheSmartestCookie) #133

Or you use skill extraction and play for free.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #134

Ok, putting aside the obvious straying of the topic with rants on Russians and Chinese, let’s get back to the topic at hand. First off I will chime in and address the following:

I know this is not posted directly at me but I like to chime and say that QuakeGod was clearly referring to the speed at which all of the ships in the fleets described by him were moving and coordinating. If a 16-ship fleet targets and starts mining a rock in less than a second with not a single ship lagging not even a second behind the rest, then it’s very likely a bot fleet. It is far beyond the capacity of any human being to be able to tell every single ship in the fleet to perform a specific task (except for the fleet function of warping together) across all 16 accounts in less than a second without either some form of input multibroadcasting which is against the Terms of Service set by CCP Games or without a team of individual players manning each of those ships in a massive coordinated effort or without jury-rigging your physical hardware such a set of 16 mice physically tied together in a manner that allows for pseudo/poor-man’s multibroadcasting.

If I had a mining fleet of 16 ships that I controlled by myself, it will take me a long time to issue separate commands other than warp the fleet to each of my ships. It takes me a second to alt-tab to the account and an extra second to activate a module or issue a command. Longer if I have to include jettisoning cargo or moving cargo around in another manner like dumping ore directly into the maintenance bay of my Orca from my Hulk. So that’s at least 30 seconds just to have my entire fleet of 16 ships to complete one simple task. If I was able to have all of my ships accomplish this in literally 1 or 2 seconds then I am clearly either using a form of multibroadcasting which is illegal in the game or I’m using a bot which is also illegal in game. That’s assuming of course that it’s only me flying that fleet and not a team of 16 players working together.


For God sake, look at that.

(Anderson Geten) #135

in this picture, where do you know they all started their lasers together ?

I totally agreed that starting lasers cant be done on 10+ ships in 1s. but it can be done very quickly when you have your shortcuts set. and anchoring on the orca is not really a proof of botting …

(Rin Vocaloid2) #136

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt gasp.

If that’s a human piloting that fleet, he/she in my opinion is doing it wrong. If I had that many barges mining ice (assuming it’s ice based on the angles that the lasers are going) I would have spread them out evenly across the entire belt, fit several tractor beams on the Orca and deploy a MTU nearby to assist on reeling in the cans I would jettison individually from the barges. It would take me a while to position the barges individually but it’s doable. I would then let my Orca be going back and forth hauling the ore while the barges sit there continuing to mine.

Even if that player doesn’t mind bunching them up next to the Orca, he/she is inviting trouble. That is a damn good target for a well-fitted smartbomb ganker fleet to take out in one swift move. I hope that player mined enough ore to cover the loss of all those ships if they ever get suicide ganked.

(mimi45) #137

I am mining farmer, do not operate with 12 barges, my fleet have 1 orca and 6 barges, and FYI main protection against sucide gankers are timeframe. It’s funny that we have 3 timezone, AU EU and USA and still have timeframes when is hard or impossible to assemble gankfleet :rofl::+1:

(Millard Audene) #138

@Kiddoomer None of the miners in my corp, and none that I know of in my alliance, bot mine. I am sure there are some out there that do. From my time in hisec, I believe that most ice mining there is done by botters.

(Kiddoomer) #139

Well it’s not always easy to really differentiate botters from a experienced multiboxer.

When I see a orca with a fleet of mining ship It doesn’t give me a feeling of seeing a botter really, what makes me raise an eyebrow is to see ice orca fleets yes, definitely not the best in the yield, but tons of EHP and dps, and most important is no ice to move from orehold to another because this aspect require a mouse movement and clicks.

Not sure If I gave that impression but by saying that most of mining is done in nullsec I mean m3 of ore mined overall in the game, not that people using multuple rorquals are botters, nullsec has most of the botters in carriers.

(DrysonBennington) #140

Then why aren’t there fleets of CODE gankers going into Null to eradicate those Carrier Miner Botter’s then?

(DrysonBennington) #141

Actually Bot Mining is more safe nowadays then in the past because the Gankers could care less about the Bot Miners any longer. Their main goal is clogging up the trade hub travel routes with Freighter ganks to make the most ISK possible for themselves.

I don’t condone Bot Mining but where are the Anti-Bot Gankers? They are in High Sec making billions weekly in attacking the trade routes.

(Rin Vocaloid2) #142

To be fair, there are bot haulers in the game.