Alphabetically sort permitted ships at acceleration gates

Please, for the love of sanity, please sort this list of permitted ships at acceleration gates alphabetically:

Also, if at all possible, please provide a way to see this list of allowed ships when looking at it while I am sitting in an allowed ship so that I can avoid wasting time returning with a disallowed ship only to find out it is disallowed when I try to use the gate.



Need to add destroyers to the list.


how comes “Amarr police frigate” is allowed ? Looks like an entity, not a ship, to me.

edit : Amarr Police Frigate - EVE Online Reference but it’s unpublished ?

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Back in the day ships did not have skins, they used to be a actual ship painted different. Could be one from back then.

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I’d rather see it reworked down by ship classes than individual ships and the gates named by size, so we have an easily recognizable scheme that follows the KISS rules (de facto a S/M/L/XL gate tiericide like we have it for modules etc, wormhole sizes etc…).

  • 4 different sizes of Acceleration gates (Small, Medium, Large, XL)

  • 2 different Tech-Types of Acceleration Gates (Normal and Advanced)

  • their acceleration potential is equivalent to the hull size:
    – S: up to Destroyers + Porpoise
    – M: up to Battlecruisers + Industrials / Barges
    – L: up to Battleships + Orca
    – XL: up to Capitals + Freighters/JFs

  • normal gates can only accelerate T1/Faction hulls, advanced gates can also accelerate T2/T2 hulls

  • Supercaps can’t be accelerated

Benefit: easier to learn for new players, simpler for the development of future content if the developer can easily judge what kind of ships can enter on first glance.


I like that simplification.

Appreciated, Calamity.

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Would already help if the ships were put in collapsable categories like they are in the market.

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I don’t know what you appreciate me for but I appreciate you for mentioning me in a thread I didn’t participate in.

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You apparently did and removed the post because its a reply to a post no longer here

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I must be going senile.

On topic.
Yes, it would be very helpful to list ships in alphabetical order. Not only for acceleration gates but also for “ships permitted” in the missions info.

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I love how Polaris ships and the Guardian Vexor are specified.
But yes, that’s eye-cancer.

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Y’all’s participation is most appreciated, thanks!

Also, edited OP to include request for a way to see allowed ships while checking the gate while sitting in an allowed ship.