Quick Bowhead question

Returning player here, I probably asked this ingame years ago but I don’t remember the answer. I’ve got a Bowhead that’s got a 500mn microwarp drive on it; when I tried to simulate fitting a proper capital ship MWD on it, I discovered that it’s not allowed to use one. Why the heck not?! It is a capital ship, isn’t it?

Would you be happier if they clarify that freighters are not capitals?

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Then why are they listed under “Capital Ships” on the marketplace? And why does it tell me my MWD is too small and I should be equipping a capital one?

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If that’s a problem, it can easily be changed for you.

Despite how the message is worded, MWDs are limited by a maximum weight, not by ship classification. The MWD you have fit can not provide the full speed bonus to a ship that weighs as much as the Bowhead does, but it does still work to accelerate the ship.

Ships like freighters and the bowhead are capital size, but not true capital ships. A true capital ship can’t enter high security space by any means accessible to players. Bowheads can freely enter and traverse high security space, and so can’t be considered a true capital.

(There may be some few that remain in high security space due to being built in the system when it was possible and CCP has allowed players to keep those ships, but they are not allowed to use those ships to any advantage, or sell them. If they do CCP will transport those ships outside of Highsec.)


Huh. Wonder why they didn’t just say that freighters are the exception to the rule of no capital ships in highsec instead of making them not capital ships. Seems like it’d be simpler for players.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile: I guess all I really would like them to do then is to make the fitting window not throw a fit about it lol

A good engineer knows how to keep all the warnings clear of the control panel. A really good engineer knows when it’s safe to ignore the warnings on the control panel.


The bowhead is an odd ship. It’s the only freighter with mid slots.

Anyway, you wouldn’t want to fit a capital sized MWD, as the 500MN will get you into warp quicker, which is about the only purpose of that module.

These fitting warnings ‘wrong size propmod’ are pretty new (last year?) and apparently did not take into account that the Bowhead usually fits a 500MN.

A Bowhead thread in the “New Citizen” forums. Times they are a’changin’…
You complain about wrong categorizations not caring about the category of the forums, how ironic.

Good luck.


First sentence was “returning player here”. I guess a returning player is a newbie.

“Returning player here, what’s new?” is a category of question we should update every three months. Also how asset safety works or how to find scattered stuff, these are interesting questions even for new players. But fitting issues of multimillion SP ships are a bit out of the scope.

BTW after 5 years of skilling, one of my Chars is finally skilled to fly this said BOWHEAD and Charon, yay!
When I started to play EVE years ago I calculated how long it takes to skill for a Titan, and thought 500 days is awfully long. I think I still need 300 days :wink:

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Hmm, why do I immediately think you generously help to change it to be listed under “Lost Ships”?

I would love to see a bowhead with a 50000mwd chasing down players (or rats if you’re so inclined)… sadly that’s not what bowheads are designed for…

Seriously, why do you want a capital mwd on a bowhead? It’s a hauler, a 500mn mwd helps it get into warp quicker, and that’s the only use a hauler has for a mwd, the 500mn is sufficient for the task.

The birth of the bumping Bowhead menace. :slight_smile:

Try to understand the player’s perspective here. The reason they want a capital size MWD is because the game windows are telling him that’s what he ought to have. The Bowhead is listed under Capital Ships, the fitting window says he’s fit a MWD that is too small and suggests a Capital MWD as the solution to the problem. It’s not out of the question for someone to be confused under those circumstances, even though fitting the 500MN MWD is fine despite those warnings.


Welcome to “New Citizens Questions & Answers”
Yeah, it’s a complaint about categorization. But the question OP asks: Why doesn’t it work?
Here you find the answers.

We cannot change the game, the UI, anything, we can just explain how to cope with it.
So obviously it’s a minor bug. Ticket time! F12 is your way to happyness.

This pilot here has the skills after less than one year, but is still grinding the ISK to finally buy one. And will probably not undock it before he can afford at least two of them.

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