Audit Log Secure Container | Bowhead cargo broken?

It just came to my attention, that you cannot put an assembled [size] Audit Log Secure Container (the password-protected, non-anchoarble thingy) into a Bowhead’s cargohold, where it does fit into (any) other’s ship’s cargohold. Why is that?

Developers’ aswers preferred.

Unwelcome replies contain words like carebear and salt from gankers, etc… I am just interested if it’s intended and if so, why exactly.

This is actually something common to all freighters, not just the Bowhead. The idea being that we don’t want to let you balloon out the carrying capacity of smaller items in freighters by using containers that have more internal space than their own volume. The only containers you can put in freighters (including the bowhead) are the freight containers as they can hold as much as their external volume.


Thank you for the quick and informative response, CCP Logibro.

I do understand the reason, despite i do not understand why containers do enlarge the cargo space. It is mentioned in the attributes but not in the description whatsoever. Neither it is described (not at all) that those container do not ‘fit’ into any freighter.

However, a lockable container in a freighter makes sense and might be something desired by players (speaking for my self, i want it).

Thanks in advance.

Just out of curiosity, why would a secure container be useful?

The gains arnt very big on the tardis-like storage containers. But it makes a difference. For example a ceptor can be made to hold the 100m3 cargo container, expanding it out to 120 m3. Little bit of space makes a difference.

Why is it like this? Probably just incentive for using them. Why else would you use a cargo container? Organization/security are about all.

Secure containers can’t be secured IIRC until you jettison them first, so it’s not like it’d matter hauling a freighter full of them in any case.

Only thing is the audit log cans give you a 14 day timer to repackage them from the time you loot them. I have killed quite a few relic runners with them in the cargo hold. And they can be password protected and then due to the audit log issue cannot be repacked for 14 days from the time of looting. So its a final f*ck you to someone that kills the ship with it in it before they can loot the value in them.

Audit log containers are only “secured” when in a station hangar or anchored in space, while you can’t repackage them, I’m pretty sure you can recover the passwords somehow once you have it in your own hangar because you are now the “owner”.

Nope. You have to repackage them if they dropped as loot. It was very frustrating to have to wait 14 days and if you try to repack them before that it adds to the audit containers log which means another 14 days.:imp:

once you loot it, you can open it without needing a password but you still need to wait to repackage. You can loot the contents, but you’ll have some random shitty container that can’t be repackaged