Why does the bowhead take Capital Class Rigs but can’t fit any Capital Class Modules?

CCP give the Bowhead Capital Class Modules or Large Size Rigs.

and 8 highslots but only for festival launchers.

edit, to also point out its allowed in HS, so imagine capital hull tank rigs…

It’s fine the way it is.

Related news; I once showed my bowhead to the Princess.

/Actually we should ask @Mike_Azariah as I believe it was his greatness that got us all the Bowhead in the first place with all the work he had put in as CSM
(Correct me if I am wrong)


I’m pretty sure the Bowhead was introduced to allow incursion runners to move their ships around with rigs fitted.

In any case a Bowhead cannot get into c1-4 wormhole space, while an Orca can.


Both, Mike cornered the right dev and got it done for the incursion community.


I don’t know about ‘greatness’ but yeah I pushed that ship through for the Incursion folks. and as said, above, it was a matter of cornering the right dev in a bar after a summit meeting and pitching my case.

He was shocked when I agreed to it being a ‘big fat target with no guns’



The Bowhead is the perfect canvas for advertising. Its hull just begs for a big screen to be attached to it. Imagine this beautiful ship roaming through systems, showing the recruitment video of a corp (or making fun of your arch enemies, or promoting a CSM candidate). I know, it’s science fiction, but still…



But no capital class modules for freighters, jump freighters, or orcas? All are technically capital ships.

I’m sure orcas with 2 million HP wont upset any balance in high sec.

Relied on them a lot during the triglavian invasion, too.

Sounds like the one more ganking fix that this game desperately needs!

It’s basically like a race to make Hawk and Kusion need so many accounts to gank a single carebear that their hardware starts tripping the circuit breaker.

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Sorry I couldn’t hear you over my 6 minute invulnerability burst.

Because people in incursions are so rich they don’t need to fully fit their bowheads.

ISK doesn’t equate to smarts.

I am quite confident that orca can’t get into C1 hole.


Can confirm this. Harmless mistake by him.

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You are correct good sir.
i am an idiot.
My apologies to the forum community, i will self flagellate and prostrate myself for further punishment as you see fit.

And thus you have been penalized: your penalty is to make an orca inside C1 hole.

[One can’t enter with large / cap sized hull, but making one inside is another story, though it is mostly pointless - home turf advantage on one hand, yes, but also big bait for groups to evict you]

I once built four carriers two dreads a rorq and a freighter in a C4…
Does that count?

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I suppose that it does :slight_smile:

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